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How Fadekemi Hassan, The CEO Of Kemo Skincare Makes Other Ladies Look Good


Fadekemi hassan is a leading skincare specialist in Lagos. She is a native of Epe, Lagos State, but currently based in Ikorodu, Lagos State.

She is the CEO of Kemo skincare and De morays Unisex salon..

Kemo skincare is owned and managed by the CEO herself to render a good beauty service for everyone both old and young, male and female."We are always at your service.We deal with different skin types issues, makeover etc."

In a chat, She talked about how she makes other ladies look good.

"What inspires me about life and success is doing what is worth doing well and on time"she told Citypeople a few days back.

How did she develop her interest in skincare?

 "It's all about interest.Looking good is my hobby. So, it all started with me, taking care of my skin.It later extended to my siblings, who love to have my skin color. From there, the Grace speaks and people started recommending me and i later realised that I needed to go out and learn more about it,in other to make it big, as in Big."

Where is she from?

 "Epe,an Ijebu-Yoruba town, located on the banks of the lagoon. This location has always facilitated the development of a fishing industry, commerce, and agriculture. 

Epe was drawn into the 19th century Yoruba power politics and then into international diplomacy, with the British, when it was occupied in the mid-19th century by Kosoko, the indomitable exiled ruler of Lagos. 

When Kosoko returned to Lagos, not all his adherents followed, and their presence produced far-reaching changes in Epe politics and society to this very day."

I was born and brought up in Epe like I said earlier and currently base in Ikorodu, Lagos State.

How about her schooling?"

 I started my education in Anglican Primary School 1, Epe and proceeded to Alaro community high School in Epe.I finally proceeded to University of Ibadan, where I had my Computer Science degree."

What is her Style and Beauty secret? 

"Like I said earlier, looking good is my hobby, I always work on what makes me look good,There is no secret at all,but just interest."

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