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Popular Musician, Busola Oke Speaks On Her Music Career

Queen Busola Oke is back Big time. After spending some time abroad to attend to domestic issues and taking good care of her kids she has come back with a Big Bang.

"It was in the years that I had to stay abroad for domestic reasons that I recorded some kind of a lull in my music career" she explains. "It is because it’s difficult to do three things at the same time. Being a wife, a mother and a career person. Raising children could be very tasking, and I have since returned fully to my career since I relocated back to my country Nigeria. Though, I still go abroad to meet fans' needs as well. Be that as it may, I will say that the general drop in the quality of life and everything in the nation too has taken its toll on the industry.

 Things are not as they used to be. Because of the unstable political cum economic terrain, it's being difficult going all out like before. Perhaps, what makes my own case peculiar is that, about 5 years ago, I responded to the call of God to do His work which I had hitherto been avoiding.

That move naturally restructured my appearances which is now limited to parties and churches unlike before when our band performed at clubs and the like. The new move has enabled me to release some songs that have been enjoying good popularity.

 My hit single with Puffytee Wedding Bells which was only promoted and released online will be released fully next year by God’s grace. Segan mi dogo too is a single that is making a very good impact at the moment.

 Right now, I am preparing for a special single which will be released any time soon for Christmas. I can't give the exact time now because November is very busy for the band and my annual Soul Winning crusade is due to hold soon too. It is called Miracle Testimony Revival.

It’s basically an Evangelism endeavor that started like four years ago. So plus or minus, the new Single should be out for Christmas God willing."

What is she working on now? ”Presently, I have 2 new albums ready to be launched out. And the titles are, Onisoji (the Revivalist) and Atupa mi also, I am planning a single dedicated to the birth of Jesus for December."

Did she relocate abroad at some point? "Yes, I did because my spouse doesn't stay in Nigeria. So, I had to concentrate on my marriage and raise my kids."

How does she see the Music industry today? "It is more challenging than before, due to Technology. Natural talent has no place any longer.  Before now, there were recording companies to help, but not anymore. The good side too is that u can publicise your work without a tour of media houses like before. Covid compounded the whole issue too.

Looking back, how does she see her music career? "Successful so far, but I look forward to better and successful years though I have been in and out of the country because of my kids so far I have been favoured by God."

What has been her staying power? "My belief in my talent, my ambitions, the huge support from my fans and God's love."

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