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Why We Are Organising Adire Asiko Weekend - Fabric Merchant, Olajumoke Ogun Tells CityPeople

In a few weeks’ time, Makarios Fabrics will be hosting what it calls Adire Asiko Weekend. A few days back, the CEO of the company told CityPeople why she is organising the event.

"We are doing this to showcase our new adire designs and let people know that our culture is rich and beautiful.

"Adire Asiko is powered by Makarios Fabrics, a fabric store where all kinds of fabrics can be bought, but we’re focusing on Adire this season. Adire has gone beyond the olden days' brocade."

So the idea is to showcase the print on the different textures of fabrics, silk, chiffon, viscose, crepe, cotton, etc"

What are we to expect? "A fun weekend of relaxed shopping, good food, good music, good company, while still being Covid19 guidelines complaint."

How did she come up with the idea?

"It is because Makarios Fabrics understands the versatility and richness of Adire and as such we would like people to appreciate adire with us.

What better way to make people appreciate this than a weekend showcase of adire fabrics and the many, many ways we can adorn ourselves with it." What do you mean by Adire asiko? "It simply means adire for our time. You know I mentioned the richness and versatility of adire. I'm sure a lot of people don't know adire comes in different textures and styles. Our exhibition will show people that there's an adire for everyone." How can interested adire buyers reach here? "We are available to walk -in customers and online customers. 

Our physical store is at 52a Ogudu road opposite Slot

Also, we can be reached via WhatsApp on 08094509349  and on IG @makariosfabrics

Don't forget good deals and discounts await all customers.

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