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Why Lagos Beautician, Amaka's Services Are In Hot Demand

Everyone calls her Amaka. That is her name. She is beautiful and stylish. Her job is to make other ladies look beautiful. She is a trained beautician who is good at what she does.

Amaka is a good advertisement for what she does for a living because she is forever looking good with her hair, nails and skin always looking beautiful. She is blessed with flawless skin that glows.

She plays big in the beauty business. She handles all aspects of the business from Nails to Spa to Makeup and many more. She also sells Jewelry, Shoes and Bags.

She is the CEO of Lush Dazzles & Beauty Home in Lagos.

She is a very brilliant lady who speaks well. She is blessed with a good voice and diction. She has a beautiful way of getting her customers to keep patronising her.

A few days back CityPeople got her to talk about her success story and she revealed a lot.

How did she get into the Beauty business, we asked her, "Back in school, I used to make Hair, Nails, and sell kinds of stuff as my side hustle to help myself. Gradually I loved it and started having a passion for it. After graduation, when it became difficult to get a job I decided to settle with my passion."

 How come her services are in hot demand? "First is a good location. I am based in Ikeja. Secondly, I have good equipment, good business etiquette and making it affordable for all." And people love to have clean feet.

She is so committed to her job. Why is this so? "It is my job and I should be committed because it puts food on my table and pays my bills."

Where was Amaka born? Where did she grow up?

"I was born in Ghana and I grew up in Benin”, she explained.

Where was her schooling and what course did she do? She has a good voice, diction and speaks impeccable English. Did she train for it specially?

I schooled at the University of Benin, and I studied Banking and finance

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