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CEO, Adekemi 18 Karat Gold, Architect Adekemi Adekeye's New Year Message To Her Customers

How did a beautiful woman who is a US trained Architect end up selling Gold, Fabrics and Laces? That is always the big question many people always ask Architect Adekemi Adeleye, the CEO of Adekemi 18 Karat Gold, Jewellery business. Although she lives in the US, she has customers all over the world.

Let us tell you her story. It is an interesting one. She studied Architectural Design &Construction Technology in New York. She also studied Chemical Process Technology in California,USA.


But despite all these qualifications, she chose to go into business. And she had been doing so well ever since she started.


She told CityPeople that she went into business because of her background.


"I went into the business because of my background", she told CityPeople."My parents were cloth sellers at the Old Gbagi Market in Ibadan. So, I have been inside the business since my birth."


"Being educated and having 2 degrees in architectural design and petrochemical doesn't stop me from going into the business because of the passion that I have for it."



A few days ago she told CityPeople how business was in 2021."We thank God for a successful business story in the year 2021, and we also look forward to greater sales in the year 2022."

What are her expectations in 2022?"We are expecting more sales, more customers and more business success in the year 2022."

What is her new year message to all her customers all over the world?

"We will like to appreciate all our customers all over the world for their continuous support and patronage. We pray that the almighty God will continue to bless them and enrich their pockets. We are also looking for more patronage and support in the year 2022.

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