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Meet K1's Sing Alike, Ganiu Ayinde Abiola (X1 De Future)

This is the story of an Ijebu Big Boy who sings like K1 the Ultimate. It is the story of Ganiyu Ayinde Abiola (X1 de future). Some also call him Biola Fuji X1.

He is a talented Fuji singer. He is a talented musician whose services are in hot demand.

Over the last few months, he has been playing back to black. What explains the high demand?

"Our being in high demand is because many people like my music. It is a very good development and it is reasonable", he explains.

He sings like K1 the Ultimate How did that start? Is he close to him????

"K1 is my mentor from my childhood, I used to see him from a distance, but I  was always praying to sing like him, and one day I started emulating his songs and it started gradually till we got it.

I was not close to him before. But I got close to him. Today I am his lovely Son."

We asked him to tell us about his growing up years. Where was he born?

" I am a bonafide son of Ijebu Ode, in Ogun state and I grew up in Lagos and Ijebu Ode,".

He has been playing music for how many years now?


We asked him to tell us about Abiola Ganiu Ayinde(X1). Who is he? How did he start and how did he get his BIG break?

"Abiola Ganiu is a cool and loyal and responsible musician that has the fear of God in all what he is doing! When you get close to him you will know how friendly he is."

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