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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.


Welcome back to today’s trending fashion report

In today’s episode, we will be checking out some men outfits like black pant trousers with a white and a mixture of red shirts paired with a leather shoe

Another outfit we will be looking at is a black outfit mixed with a yellow material paired with nice palm slippers

Another nice trending outfit we will be looking at is a complete outfit like a mixture of colors like black and red mixture well sewn for pant trousers to match

Another office wear will be looking at is a nice shirt with a nice suit pant trousers paired with nice shoes

We will be looking at another style like plain pant trousers with a nice top paired with nice clothing shoes to match

I will be showing you how this out can be rocked below

Reference (@ IAMNINO-B-on ig)

Our model for today : bolanle Ninalowo

Brand influencer/ model

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