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Citypeople Celebrates Popular Ijebu Lace Manufacturer,Alhaji(Prince) Shafi Mobolaji Shittu At 90.

Right now,the Shittu family of Aiyepe Ijebu is in a happy mood.This is because Alhaji (Prince) Shafi Mobolaji Shittu, the patriarch of this illustrious family is 90.He is a great Nigerian,who has made an impactful contribution to the growth of the society and the economy at large.All over Ijebu his name is well known because of the Lace factory he established in his home town,Aiyepe.

Alhaji Shafi Mobolaji Shittu,is a great industrialist of repute. History will never forget to record that he is the first person to bring Lace factory to Nigeria in 1970. The name of the Lace factory is Austro Nigerian Lace Factory in Aiyepe, Ogun State.

The company experienced tremendous growth and it set the pace of fashion trend in the social scene across Nigeria.Aiyepe also became very famous because of the exquisite Lace he produced from there.

Citypeople acknowledges his immense contributions and salutes this great man of industry and enterprise.

Happy birthday to a Great man and an Icon.


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