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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Colour combinations to help style your fashion sense by Seun Elegushi.


 Colour is an essential element when it comes to dressing.


Picking the right colours to match, and compliment themselves helps one style to come out.


Colour in dressing also helps in showing one's personality, better helping one to express themselves. With that in our notice, how we combine colours and select colours to match determines how good your dress will look good on you.


Here are factors to consider when using colour as a factor in selecting the clothes you want to wear:


1- Your skin colour:


 Your skin colour is something you need to take notice of when selecting clothes you want to wear.


If you are light-skinned, that is having different gradients of yellow skin. Darker colours of clothes are best to wear. As the darker colours help to bring out your skin, and face, while your light skin helps to bring out the colour of the dress.


Thereby bringing out the beauty of one another.


2- Colour combinations:


Here are some colour combinations that can be of help to your fashion sense.


Black and white

 Blue and white

 Green and white

 Yellow and green

 Pale blue and pink

 Red and blue

 Orange and blue

 Tan and maroon

 Purple and white

 Purple and Coral

 3- Your favourite colour:


Selecting clothes based on your favourite colour is also helpful, as it helps you to purchase easily and happily, allowing your mind to wander, and be creative as to how it can combine colours to your favourite colour or mix different gradients of your colours today naturally.


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