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Does fashion build self esteem

By Seun Elegushi


Fashion is one of the ways we express ourselves in this world we are living.


Today in our society, we believe in "The way you dress, is how you will be addressed"

Because of that we become more conscious of our way of dressing and the styles we use, causing us to behave in certain ways as we think we should based on the kind of clothes we wear.


For example, if we dress up in suits we tend to behave more professional, more serious, and uptight, because we have associated wearing suits to business, and anything involving business, we have to be serious about it.

Another is if we go out for a night club party, how we behave is different from how we would behave if we were at our homes wearing pyjamas.



Now we have established that clothes have a way of changing our behavior. Does it now mean it helps us to become more confident?


Can fashion be used to help you build your confidence as a person?

Below are reasons as to how fashion does affect your confidence:


1- Fashion helps you to express yourself:


When we are able to express ourselves, we become more confident. Fashion helps in that aspect, by wearing clothes to show what you support, who you support, your standpoints, and most importantly your personality.

For example: You are a football fan, and you wear the jersey of your favorite culb out in public, allowing people to associate you the the club. Such a thing will give you confidence as a person to talk more about your club, and also feel you are part of something big.


When you’re wearing clothing that allows you to express yourself and showcase your individuality, you’ll likely feel more comfortable and confident in your own skin.


2- Fashion highlights your body figure:


If you’re not feeling confident with your figure, you might just be wearing the wrong clothing. Different clothing styles accentuate different body types in different ways. As such, if your favorite fashion icon’s body shape doesn’t reflect yours, you should stop trying to mimic their looks. Instead, do some research into what pieces will flatter your figure. Wearing clothing that highlights your best features will undoubtedly make you feel more confident.


3- Fashion gives you motivation:


For example, if you want to get in shape and work out more, consider changing up your outfits. If you wear sweatpants and T-shirts all day, every day, you’ll likely end up spending most of your time lounging about on the couch. However, if you put on a cute workout outfit, you may feel more inclined to go to the gym and break a sweat.


Dressing the way you want to live, and address helps to boost your self confidence. It is important to note that fashion itself and how you dress helps build your self esteem.

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