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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Celebrating Beautiful Lagos Fabric Merchant, Bimbo Cardoso


Bimbo Cardoso is a popular Lagos Fabric Merchant. She is stylish in her ways. She is a lady of Style and she deals in fabrics.

She is good at what she does. She not only sells fabrics, she helps her clients pick the right fabrics for their parties. This is because she knows a lot about the fabric business. 

It runs in the family. It has always been in her family, right from her mum of blessed memory to her my grandmother who were both, great fabric sellers on Lagos island. They were so popular on Nnamdi Azikwe Street, to be precise, on Lagos Island.

Before she went into fabric business,she used to work with the Lagos State government.She relocated,and came back to start her fabrics business about 18years ago.And she is doing so well.She is the CEO of Sofibi fabrics.

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