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How My Son's Skin Disorder Led Me Into Skincare - MOSHEA GLANCE CEO, OLUREMI SALAKO Reveals Her 6 Yrs Story

Oluremi Salako is a beautiful woman. She is a US-based Esthetician and the founder of Moshea Glance Skincare. She has a passion for organic and alternative health therapy. She attended the Global Health College in the state of Virginia, however, that didn’t satisfy her passion. She then proceed to the Cortiva Institute for Skincare Therapy and discovered her love for skincare, she enjoyed talking and seeing people day to day discussing their health and skin concerns.

Moshea Glance Skincare is a fast-growing skincare brand with top-notch botanical skincare products. Oluremi Moshebolatan feels fortunate to have a profession that she really enjoys, whether the treatment that helps clients relax or others that give so much confidence.

The brand prioritizes the quality, safety and efficiency of its products. Do you have any skincare issues? Or do you just want to glow? Moshea Skincare products will see your skin get better and improve daily, she said confidently.

Last week, Moshea Glance achieved a feat it has been dreaming of for more than two years, the Nigerian branch was set up at 10, Adekunbi Street, off Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos. At the event, City People’s Brands Editor, DAMILARE SALAMI 08155134152 had an exclusive interview with Mrs Oluremi Moshebolatan Salako the CEO of Moshea Glance. In the interview, she revealed what inspired her to set up her skincare brand six years ago, among several other interesting topics. Below is an excerpt from the interview, enjoy.

 Why are we here today?

We are here for the opening of the Nigerian branch of my skincare and wellness brand, Moshea Glance. The brand was launched 6 years ago in Maryland USA and today, Nigerians have the privilege to benefit from the massive organic and herbal products that are designed for different types of skins.

How did it all start?

Well, I like fashion and everything that has to do with the skin but I started when one of my kids had problems with the skin, I mean a skin defect. We tried everything we could lay our hands on in the United States but the defect was still there. So, I decided to go herbal in Nigeria and it started getting better. So I started getting more interested in the process; I was applying something and started seeing the result after a while. So, I felt that I could help more people with this, so I started selling. After I well, I felt that it was necessary for me to go deeper into the business, so I decided to study more about skincare. I searched for a school that I could attend, I saw many but I settled for Cortiva Institute for Skincare Therapy in Baltimore, Maryland. So at the institute, I studied about the skin and its products.

Impressive! 6 years down the line, what has the experience been like?

Laughs… a lot of trial and error before I could really have a good grasp of the business but after I went to school, I became really confident in the products I prescribe to people.

I am sure that you must have had a few challenges before you get to where you are today. Can you tell us about some of those challenges?

The skincare business is highly expensive and capital intensive. You have to sort all the ingredients from all over the world. We source other herbal ingredients from countries like the Philippines, Japan, etc. all the organic oils here are sourced in the US and we have to be up and doing to make sure that we source the right ingredient for each product and getting original ingredients from different part of the world is very costly. People sometimes get loans from banks and other financial institutions to set up this kind of business but I didn’t. I worked patiently and slowly from scratch to get to where I am today. Logistics is another major challenge people don’t consider before setting up this kind of business. So those are some of the challenges inherent in this business.

Let’s talk about some of the products that you have here and what they do. Here is the Moshea Glance exfoliator, what does it do?

Moshea Glance Exfoliator helps you to exfoliate your skin. This is necessary for everyone because the skin is being renewed every 120 days. It helps to remove the dull skin and then regenerate and renew.

I can also see Maxi Shea Butter, what does this do?

Maxi Shea Butter has essential oil and treatments that help your skin to glow, if anyone has any problem with their skin, this can help. It is also very safe for babies too.

Looking at a client like me, what kind of product would you prescribe for me and why?

Obviously, you have normal to dry skin, I’ll give you the glow oil, and caramel and I’ll give you fresh skin oil. Because you have normal to dry skin, you need to moisturize your face and then, you have to exfoliate, so this will be your lotion to retain your skin because you are not a dark person but the sun has eaten deep into your skin.

Let’s talk about the event that is happening here this afternoon. We have a few celebrity faces in the house, why are they here today?

Today is the opening of the Lagos branch of Moshea Glance Skincare and Wellness and all the celebrity faces you are seeing here today are part of the celebration and an integral part of the brand. Some of them have been using our products for some years now and they can testify to the efficacy of our products. I would not want to let the cat out of the bag yet, so, I wouldn’t tell you why they are here yet but as time goes on, you will see for yourself why they are associating with the Moshea Glance brand.

Privileged information also revealed that you are having a 2-in-1 celebration today, is that true?

Yes, it is. I am celebrating my birthday and also having this opening so it’s a double celebration for me today.

How do you feel celebrating another year?

This Nigerian branch started 2 years ago, we got here about two years ago but then COVID came and something else happened that I don’t want to talk about. But then, finally, it is coming int reality and I give God the glory for preserving my life, my family and my loved ones. To be here today is only by God’s grace and I thank him for that.

What do your numerous clients stand to benefit from doing business with Moshea Glance?

A lot, I will encourage people to patronize us, our logistics is awesome because we ship all over the world, we have a standby customer service 24/7. As you know, we are in the US and we are also here in Nigeria; we can be reached at any time. We also don’t just take people’s orders, we find out what they need it fir so that we can offer them the very best. We sell what people need and not what they want.

Aside from cosmetics and skincare, what else does Moshea Glance offer?

We do weight loss, and weight management, we sell detox products, and we are also working on adding makeup and nails to what we do. We are a work in progress and by the time we are fully settled, our clients will be the most beneficial for it.


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