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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Down But Not Out : The Book Launch

Manchester based Eppie as she is fondly called had a full house of style and pizzazz at the launch of her debut book. It was a day to remember as guests attended from far and near. Everyone came looking absolutely fabulous. Nothing beats an event with elegantly dressed guests. Royal blue was the colour of the day.

Down But Not Out highlights some of the struggles people facing any form of abuse go through. One of which is feeling forgotten and neglected. The book is an encouragement that they are not alone, and there is light at the end of the tunnel no matter how bleak things seem to be for them at the time.

 The author had over the years observed how our busy lives have taken over everything. Never allowing us take note of happenings around us. This constant money chasing mode, has led to most people becoming “all man for himself” that we fail to notice how desperately that brother, sister or even neighbours need our help or attention before it is too late. Down But Not Out is the hope for the seemingly hopeless.

The book as the author stated also shed light on the pain of losing a loved one due to Covid-19 because she lost her beloved Dad to the disease. It is a must read.

The Launch was held at the Vilkage Hotel Bury on the 26th of March.  A date specially chosen in memory of her dear Dad who would  have been 76 on the 25th had he not succumbed to the dreaded disease. There have also been many more intros after the initial launch.

Epiphania Muranda-Odunlami, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Muranda, was born in Rusape, Manicaland province Zimbabwe. She holds a B.Sc. (Hons) in Diagnostic Radiography from Salford University and works for the NHS as a Specialist and Senior Radiographer in the Interventional and Flouroscopy department .

Eppie is not only a writer in the medical profession, a recent award winner, married to  Adewale Odunlami. She is a mother and grandmother who is also extremely passionate about diversity, equality, and inclusion, which is why she started the charity organisation, Inspirational Women to Action Cic . An organisation at the forefront of women empowerment, diversity equality and inclusion for all.

Chanty’s Fashion and Lifestyle alongside City People Fashion and Beauty wishes her all the best.

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