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London Style Queen,Katie Ayemoba(Princess Royal) Talks About Her Turning 55


Let's tell you about the big news.Princess Kate Ayemoba is 55.It is a double digit age and she is happy about it. 
She is an accomplished lady of Style who lives in London.Any time you see her,she radiates and oozes Style and Elegance.
She is a Style Queen.She dresses so well that she always turns heads at parties,on account of her glamorous and gorgeous look.

A few days ago Citypeople magazine Online got her to reflect on her new double digit age,55.
What is the feeling like,we asked her?

She revealed a lot. She let us into her exciting world.

We asked her what life has taught her at 50? She spoke about her style and how she manages to look smashing all the time.She also explained why she doesn't look her age.
It was a rare insight into the life of this beautiful lady.

 I am Princess Kate Ayemoba JP, forth child of HRH the late Chief Francis Igbafe, Ogawa of Atte, in Akoko Edo Local Government, Edo state. I was born and bred in Lagos where I trained as a cosmetologist and owned a renowned beauty salon for over 15 years before emigrating to the UK. I studied intensively, earning a Bsc degree in Healthcare Management and I'm currently working in the healthcare sector. I’m a mother, grandmother, and a mentor. 
55 makes me feel grateful to God for being full of life and being able to be blessed by seeing my children’s children. I feel loved and I love myself. I wish to continue to grow and progress higher and higher on my personal journey.
55 has taught me to be patient and keep my family, friends and loved ones close. It has also taught me the importance of listening, being sensitive to others, and also to be prayerful and thankful to God for the great and small.
It started from my experience with cosmetology, having the eye and ability to put together outfits and make up looks that empower me to feel confident, comfortable and happy. I like to be simple and sophisticated, that’s all really.
5) Honestly, it’s all God and God only. His agape love that blesses me and makes me feel positive, happy and grateful at all times.

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