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Be Passionate about your Creation - Ireti Edeoghon

Ireti Edeoghon  is a successful entrepreneur. She started her business after secondary school. She started with buying and selling jewelry, clothing ,drinks and traveling abroad to bring back products to sell in Nigeria alongside her job as a marketing manager, before she became a fashion designer which later on grew into a fashion home where she designed and sold clothes and make ready to wear. The name of her  fashion home, HOPE SEES is currently seven years old.

In her interview with,Citypeople magazine's Oyinlola Sale, she explained how she has managed to build a successful fashion brand over the years.


As a Fashion designer, what inspires your creativity? 

The beauty of Nature all around us, Artistry, the evolving Fashion sense of the industry. It is required of a fashion designer to be creative and that creative mindset comes with the task of thinking out of the box to create what has never been in existence, seen, and in vogue, that’s what happens when a blend of creativity is been brought into the act of making dresses that outstands one when one appears in the crowd, as a creative thinking result into creative result.

Nature enhances beauty as there is no beautiful sight without a beautiful landscape, in other words, our nature is beautiful our environment nature here ranges from flowers, trees, and grasses all around us, likewise fashion as it adds sparkles and beauty to humanity's little wonder mankind goes away further to look good.

Good artistry ability is needed to combine nature in blending it with creativity which goes a long way in providing stunning styles in a body fit enough for a particular style as there are various many numerous styles out there.

So for us at HOPE SEES ,we draw our inspiration in making our clothes from the beauty of the mother of nature that transcend into reality making our clients look good, beyond good standing out of the crowd because at HOPE SEES we go out of our way in making sure clients are happy not just happy beyond happy as our watchword is an innovation driven by experience as quality is our attitude and efficiency is our strength.   

Your designs are quite exquisite, most of them don't even look like they’re made in Nigeria, how did you manage to create that world-class standard? 

Through attention to details. A creative and hardworking Workforce

Firstly, we strike a balance between creativity and details. As a customer, when you first work in our fashion house we pay undivided attention to every detail you as a customer provides, because at HOPE SEES we treat our clients, every one of our clients I mean, as a first-class citizen, by giving everyone a listening ear as to the kind of style that fits their body and personality,likewise providing fashion pieces of advice where needed, with the key words Attention to Details,

A Creative mindset, and Hardworking Workforce.

For us at HOPE SEES a creative mindset is an utmost requirement in the discharge of our duties from employee to employer.You must bring your creative cap to the table when working and this is expected of everyone at HOPE SEES, with strict adhering to details given by our clients and a dedicated hardworking workforce also as nothing works where laziness is found.

What are the important details that one needs to pay attention to in order to excel in the field of Fashion? 

Be Passionate about your Creation, Paying Attention to Details, and Set a Standard of Excellence and Have Integrity

At HOPE SEES passion is the focal point that drives our business and services to our estimable clients because once passion is brought into anything one is doing the rest is a story, in other words, you won’t struggle in getting a particular task done or carrying out a job one passion is fuelled with creativity that result will come out big in a stunning outfit to create that beauty that will at HOPE SEES and our clients wants to see and be please with at the end of the day. 

That’s why we give details, when I say details, I mean 100% details to our client's needs, leading to create a set standard, not just a mere standard but a high task-ful standard for ourselves in the fashion industry.


Our Integrity is the watchword as we practice because integrity is the core ingredient when it comes to running a business and dealing with people if one wants to attain that height of excellence in becoming a known brand and household wears. 

What are the challenges you have faced so far in running Hope Sees?

 Inability to meet a wide range of clients is due to certain forces which all entrepreneur faces especially in this part of the world our nation.First is the epileptic power supply, cost of materials, cost of the tax on small scale business, lack of support from the government and shortage of capable staff that will work to achieve a particular goal on a project. 

The industry is churning out a lot of creative Fashion designers, what is your view about this growth?

Fashion is evolving.It  is a continuous thing. I see it staying for a long time as many people are coming to terms with and for African Women.I  am proud of women embracing their Passion for Fashion and the pursuit a career.

So, what makes HOPE SEES to stand out in the midst of the crowd? 

Hope Sees  is a Style icon which makes Fashion statements at every turn.And aside from all these, our watchword makes us stand out of the crowd, which is Quality.That is our attitude and efficiency is our strength.

With our wealth of experience over the years I believe HOPE SEES is a great force to reckon with when it comes to fashion, as we add the touch of creativity in our design as creative thinking results in a creative mind.

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