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Skincare Specialist, Olamide Junaid, Talks About Her Love For Good Skin

This is the impressive story of a beautiful Scotland-based Skincare Specialist who is doing so well.


It is the inspiring story of Olamide Junaid, who hails from Oyo state." I am an Aesthetician. I am married and blessed with 2 kids. I am the CEO of Mydeesglow Beauty World. I also run a logistic brand/clothing line.


What is her area of focus? "I  am an Aesthetician, based in the United Kingdom, Scotland to be precise. My businesses are running pretty well in Nigeria with a new branch in view here in Scotland."

What is the name of her business? "It is called Mydeesglow. It was born out of the passion I have for good skin. I love good-looking healthy skin a lot. So skincare to me is more of a passion, than a profession. Most times it breaks my heart to see a lot of damaged skin because of bad products. In the nearest future, skin cancer will be on the rise because the rate at which all these half-baked estheticians are on the rise now is heartbreaking. So seeing that, I felt I needed to do something to help a lot of women gain their confidence again, after damaging their skin or reviving dead skin.

 I was happy I took the decision back then because as of today Mydeesglow has solved over 2000 skin issues. We have customers all over the world, even in some countries that I have never been to."

"Mydeesglow started its official operation in 2020 and to the glory of God we have recorded over 2000 skin success stories."

What is her advice to women on how to make their skin look good?

"Like I do tell people, skin defer. What works on Mr. A might trigger a Skin reaction on Mr. B and that is why we all need to know our skin.  Getting to know your skin is important. When you do, the rest is history. But there are little home remedies, skin routines, you can do to maintain your skin. For example, if you are in your 30's, that's when you should consider Cold Water therapy, because in your late 30's signs of aging start setting in, fine lines and lot more But cold water therapy is a lifesaver, as it, will slow down the aging process and helps to fill out the wrinkles on your face, plus it leaves your face glowing."

"It also helps you get rid of the harmful effects of sun's rays, as cold water tightens and protects the pores that get opened up when the skin is exposed to sun's harmful rays. It has a lot of benefits, also natural products such as Tumeric, Rice water, Cucumber, Honey, Aloe Vera and mashed banana are also great components of a glowing face. They all work so well. So you should know which works for your skin."


Where was she born? Where did she grow up?


"I was born and I grew up in Bariga, Lagos. So, you know that struggles of being born in the slum and having to pull through. It's a whole lot, nowhere to draw inspiration except from one's parents, hoping for the best to happen and trying to instill discipline in us, So we do better than them. Bariga is not Lekki where you get to mingle with all sorts of rich kids and draw inspiration from rich people around. It's a slum, a ghetto where you have to just design your own life by yourself in your head, so I will say right there I got my own inspiration never to end up in the slum and make a good life for myself and my family."

 "I am glad I am finally achieving my dreams. It was really a lot of hard work. It takes a lot of discipline and God's intervention to train a  child born and bred in Bariga and make them come out beautifully.In fact, after Mushin, in the whole of Lagos, Bariga comes next when talking about ghettos. I bless God for seeing me through. My story is a lot but someday I will write a book about it "

How about schools attended?


"Like I said it was not easy growing up, so after I finished my SSCE, I  hit the street to do some menial jobs such as a nanny, primary school teacher, secretary, etc."

" I was able to gather money and I took my form because I was the one fending for myself, I had to enrol for a part-time in Yabatech.I couldn't afford to stay in school like every other student. I needed to work, to be able to finance my schooling, so I did Hospitality management at Yabatech. I just enrolled for another degree here in the UK.


What is her working career like?

"I worked with a lot of firms before setting up Mydeesglow. I worked with the late Billionaire, Bolu Akin- Olugbade. I was his Personal Secretary for two years."

" I worked with different schools where I taught for a few years."


How does she find living in Scotland? "It is not bad. Scotland is a structured place with a lot of peace, and very accommodating. I hope to have a branch here pretty soon and I am working on it.

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