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The Story Of Zeinny Crafts, Why Many Celebs Don't Joke With Her Products

This is an inspirational story of a young lady who is a trailblazer in shoe cobbling business in Nigeria. She is Fast becoming one of the most sought after as many celebrities prefer having her do their foot wears.

You need to see her products to testify to what she offers which is far from what you will get else in the country. She has indeed carved a niche for herself in the industry. In an exclusive interview with the great mind behind Zeinny crafts, Alayande Zainab. She sport extensively on how she developed interested in the craft which now a big deal for her. Sit back and enjoy the great interview:

How did shoemaking business start for you? 

It started all out as passion while I was young all those time, I never knew I had passion for shoe making. I remember when I was around age 7/8, I also gathered bad foot wears, I go to mallams, buy gum and soles from them while I repair peoples shoes for free on my own small money lol. I also always cared for the shoes back then too.But I started officially as a shoe maker in the year 2016

What makes your designs different from other  companies ? 

We always give in all our products shoe maintenance kits and kits relating to products purchased. Also , our choice of materials are always top notch and unique, our attention to the tiniest details is one of our greatest strength, then you can always tell a Zeinny Crafts product coz our designs are also creative, stylish and fashionable, our products are also very comfortable and durable.

Our pre and post customer care service is top notch. Simply put, we are unique in all ways

What in your opinion is the major challenge of shoemaking in Nigeria ?

The shoemaking business face a whole lot of challenges varying from funding to electricity to man power just to least a few.

What do you think is the way forward considering these challenges?

We need the system to be right first, then investment into the sector by government bodies and private bodies

Do you have any popular celebrity that patronizes you?

We are the celebrity shoe makers. We have a whole lot of prominent people that patronize us cutting across politicians, musicians, actors, actresses, influencers

Some which include the sitting Deputy Governor of Lagos, Dr Obafemi Hamzat, The SSA to the President on Political matters Sen Ojudu Babafemi, the former Governor of Lagos state Mr Akinwunmi Ambode, The Executive Chairman of Shomolu Mr Abdulhameed Salawu,Comedian and Actor Ali baba, actor Rotimi Salami, Sotayogaga, musician and reality TV star Jaypaul,The Vice Chancellor Unilag, Deputy Vice Chancellor Unilag and the list goes on…

Tell us about yourself .. and your background ?

I am Alayande Zainab, the 2nd of 5 children of my mom. Actually, a product of divorced parents, so literally was my mom that took care of we all her children. She’s actually usually referred to by people as ‘’ obirin bi okunrin’’ meaning a woman just like a man. So, she’s the one I took after, she’s my motivation.I attended boarding school, Bufetola Children school and when I was age 6 I had to leave when it was difficult for my mom to further continue with the payment of our school fee after my primary school education, 

I attended Dee Ultimate Secondary school. From there I proceeded to yabatech where I studied Polymer technology and afterwards proceeded to the university of Lagos where I studied Cell Biology and Genetics I actually wrote jamb 5 times before finally gaining admission into the university

I’ve been one who challenges status quo and as such I usually did unique things. I love physical activities. I used to play foot Ball professionally years back, I did play for Pepsi, MFM, First 11 just to list a few.I was also a member of the foot ball team of Yabatech back then, and also was the captain of my departmental football team.In Unilag, I also played table tennis professionally, I played for Union Homes then too.Then other things like cycling, I fight karate (actually represented yabatech in the Wapoga games that happened in Ghana back then too)

How soon does it take to deliver when you get a job?

Depends on the technicality in design, availability of the materials too.Usually we give 2-4 working days for our orders (express orders).

Where do you see your firm in the next 5 years?

I see Zeinny Crafts having strong representation in the 36 states across Nigeria 

And also strong representation in nothing less than 10 countries across Africa and also globally.

How did you come up with your brand name Zeinny Crafts.? 

Zeinny from my name Zainab Crafts from our creativity 

As Female shoe Cobbler how did Joining started?

Wasn’t so difficult coz I knew what I wanted and I went straight for it. I’m a certified shoe maker and I’m unapologetic about that. We also have some extension of the brand Zeinny which includes Zeinny Crafts shoe school which is an academy where we get to train the people making them employers of labour and assets to the country. We also have a fashion show brand DEXTERITY that tends to portray the leather fashion brand and the handmade brand in the life light across the globe. The first edition happened September 10 2022 and it gained the attention of prominent people and a whole lot of them graced the event from the Vice Chancellor Unilag to the Deputy Vice Chancellor to Presenter and Lawyer at TVC to various actors and actresses 

What are your advice for Nigerian Youths?

Believe in yourself, push yourself, encourage yourself even when no one seems to encourage you!

The sky is your starting point

Thanks soo much for having me. 

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