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Skincare Expert, Clara Komolafe Reveals What Makes Her Clara's Spa No.1


Clara Komolafe is good at what she does for a living. She makes other women look beautiful. She is a skin doctor. She is a skin specialist.

She told CityPeople that her ClarasSpa Academy n Accessories has been on for over 18 years now.


"All we do is to treat all kinds of damaged skin, restored the skin back to the natural whitening glowing skin."

"We do the facial treatment. Give advanced natural whitening glowing glutathione IV injection supplement and cream package. Do slim and Blast tummy. We treat all kinds of blemishes on the body."

She is based in Abuja. How has she found operating in Abuja? "Wow!!!  Setting up in Abuja was not really easy initially, because business is always better in Lagos. But my family moved to Abuja and I had to move along with them, but because I am good, and highly experienced at my work, all my clients still order my products in Lagos, and I was able to cover a lot of high-profile clients in Abuja because the good products and services sell itself."

What are the major mistakes women make with their skincare? "The most expensive, horrible mistake women make with their natural skin is using bleaching chemical reaction cream, on their skin, it's aging them and destroys their skin which can cause skin cancer. 

We asked her to tell us her story. 

"Clara Megbolugbe Komolafe is the CEO of Clarasspa academy n Accessories in Abuja. She was born in Ilorin, Kwara state. I am a native of Kabba/Bunu in Kogi state, formerly Kwara state. I have Bsc in  Banking & Finance from Lagos State University, Ojo Lagos.

 I trained in Thailand and the Philippines. She is blessed with good skin that glows. What is the secret?

"Hmmm, it's the therapy I have been using for over 18yrs at  Clarasspa academy n Accessories products which contains  a lot of natural products." "Clarasspa Academy n Accessories is the best in the skin therapy business because we believe totally in natural Herbal products."

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