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Why Jessica Felix’ Calieb Skincare Remains The Best Plug For Radiant Skin

Ever wonder how your favourite celebrity's skin looks so damn good on the red carpet? It’s probably Jessica Felix.


Jessica Felix is the CEO of Calieb Skincare and Cosmetics. She’s beautiful and blessed with flawless and radiant skin and is in the business of making people look their best.


She shares her beauty secrets through her beauty brands.


If you’re struggling with brown spots that just won’t go away, she has all the answers. Including sunscreen recommendations with no white patches, and actives that soothe and tackle PIH. Her product is basically the perfect skincare bible.

Calieb Skincare produces vegan and chemical-free products that fight against every skin irritation like pimples, stretch marks, white patches, eczema, dark spots, dark knuckles, keratosis pilaris, discoloration, sunburn and so on.


At Calieb Skincare, seeing the best version of your skin is guaranteed.


The brand’s original, safe and effective products also replenish the skin and give your desired skin tone.



It’s literally the best skin brand in Nigeria with clients across the country and the globe.


Clients refer others to try it out, especially because the brand is more concerned about their Clients ( Caliebians) having healthy, repaired and effortless glowing skin for all skin types and tones.


Calieb Cosmetics produces makeup products of high quality and great luxury for women of all skin tones, ages, religions and cultural backgrounds.


The brain behind this skincare brand, Jessica Felix is from Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. Born and brought up in Lagos Nigeria.


Her inspiration to develop this product was borne out of her childhood experience with skin issues

Growing up, I had severe skin issues. From pimples to eczema, from rashes to spots.


I tried so many products but it got worst. Then I did thorough research and got trained to be a skin expert.”, she told CityPeople.


My products worked like magic so I decided to share them with the world. And I’ve always loved makeup. I remember when I consistently stole my mum’s lipgloss as a child. Having a skincare and cosmetics brand is a dream come through for me. I believe everyone deserves to be beautiful.



I look forward to everyone getting to see and embrace the fantastic products we’ve created. I also desire that makeup artists worldwide recognize this brand from a professional standpoint and gladly send in reviews”. She added.


Her posts on social media are dedicated to educating her followers on common skin concerns as well as providing specific advice for those with darker skin


Stay beautiful with Calieb!

For enquiries: @Caliebskincare, @Caliebcosmetics,  +234903 066 7860


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