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The Chic & Stylish Bags Of Fashion Icon, Mutayo Ekiye

Introducing Mutayo Ekiye's stunning Fall/Winter Collection, bringing African-inspired designs to the mainstream. Come and explore the world of African luxury and join us on this amazing journey!


Mutayo Ekiye is a fashion expert who is passionate about creating timeless and stylish looks. She has an eye for detail and an impeccable sense of style. She has been featured in numerous publications for her unique and innovative approach to fashion.

Mutayo was born in Austin Texas and spent her early years there before moving to Nigeria for primary and secondary school. She began to make creative pieces from small materials as early as 11 years old.

She discovered her passion and love for fashion quite early and pursued her dream passionately.

She would head to her auntie's shop after school to learn a few fashion tips till her mom gets back from work.

Her aunt was a tailor and Mutayo would watch her sew so many different items ranging from dresses to shirts and pants, but her favourite to watch were handbags. Mutayo quickly picked up the skill of fashion designing and started practising with residual materials.

At age 16, Mutayo and her family moved back to the US where she completed High school.

She studied computer science in college because she was fascinated by how much design and skill go into it. In her words, "In many ways, it felt similar to fashion design".  She later also took a few fashion courses to perfect her skill in that area as well.

Mutayo has a Bachelor's Degree from Sam Houston State University and has been in the fashion industry for over a decade. She has worked with many of the biggest names in the fashion world, including Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Prada. She has also collaborated with some of the most renowned fashion bloggers across the globe


Mutayo’s style is characterized by bold colours and patterns, as well as intricate and unique designs. She is known for her ability to combine modern trends with classic pieces to create a timeless look. She is also passionate about sustainability and ethical fashion and is always looking for ways to reduce her environmental footprint.


In addition to her work in fashion, Mutayo is an active member of the Lagos Fashion Community. She is a mentor to aspiring fashion designers, and regularly hosts events and workshops to promote the industry. Mutayo is a true fashion inspiration.


The Big Picture

She was once on a vacation to Italy, and during her visit, she went to an Italian handbag designer to learn about craftsmanship. Italy is known for its high-quality material and neat craftsmanship. It was then she realized that there are a lot of Eurocentric mainstream designs but rarely any Afrocentric ones. Recognizing this divide gave her that extra push to start this extraordinary brand. One thing that differentiates Mutayo from other designers is that there are little to no high-end African designer bags.

There is a market and room for multiple ideas, visions, and perspectives when it comes to handbag designs, but it has become one-sided due to the lack of diversity. Knowing there were so few authentic African-style luxury handbags out there, Mutayo stepped into the game. Today, she continues to imbue her creativity and passion for design into her unique handbags


Mutayo Ekiye’s Collection

Mutayo draws a lot of her inspiration from her Nigerian heritage and wishes to share her designs with the world. Each handbag name has a meaning in the Nigerian Igbo language. We hope that our brand will help bring Afrocentric designs mainstream.

This is the first collection of Mutayo Ekiye handbags. It has taken years to perfect and we are beyond excited that it’s finally here. We have created four fabulous handbag designs with three colors each. Many factors have been considered and incorporated into this masterpiece. Mutayo Ekiye, who is a Nigerian-American has taken much of her inspiration from her Nigerian heritage.





This collection consists of four pieces with three colors each. These include The Ada Tote Bag, The Adora Mini Handbag, The Oma Handbag, and The Oma Wallet. All our handbags are handmade in Italy with materials ranging from Caviar leather to Snakeskin and Brass hardware. The utmost care and attention to detail are given to each handbag. They each come in lovely velvet dust bags and smooth shiny black boxes. 

You’ll love to have a look around!

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