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Trends To Try From The Fashion Finest Africa EPICSHOW2023 RUNWAY

 Elevate Your Style: 

Unleash Confidence with this Exquisite Corporate Suit for Ladies. This suit is not confined to formal occasions alone. We believe in breaking the boundaries of traditional fashion norms. Wear the blazer separately with a pair of jeans for a chic and polished casual look. Pair the trouser with a stylish blouse for a sophisticated yet comfortable ensemble perfect for a night out with friends.



Empower Your Professional Journey: 

Step into Success with this Chic and Versatile Three-Piece Workwear Collection for Ladies. A three-piece suit is the epitome of classic style, exuding elegance and sophistication. Whether you're attending a formal event, a business function, or a wedding. 

 Make a statement in the boardroom with this sleek and sophisticated workwear. Whether you're attending a formal business event, giving a presentation, or hosting a client meeting, a sleek workwear gown is the perfect choice. Its versatility allows you to confidently wear it to a variety of occasions.



 The Perfect Crop Blazer and Skirt Set Attend social events, cocktail parties, or dinner engagements with an ensemble that effortlessly showcases your impeccable style. For a more relaxed yet stylish vibe, pair the cropped blazer with jeans or mix and match the skirt with a trendy top. It's perfect for brunches, shopping sprees, or casual outings, allowing you to express your personal flair effortlessly.



Command attention and inspire confidence:


The short blazer gown is a true fusion of elegance and unconventionality. Stand out at high-profile events, charity galas, or red-carpet occasions with this outfit that exudes confidence and glamour. The short blazer gown allows you to make a unique fashion statement while radiating sophistication.

 Designer: SYLPH APPAREL by Akinniyi Oyinlola Grace

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