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Helen Olowo's Success Story In Business & Fashion Revealed


 This is the story of a very successful lady who has done so well in the world of Business and Fashion. It is the story of Lagos celebrity lady, Helen Olowo. She is a woman of so many parts. She has excelled in Business. She has also recorded giant strides in the Fashion world.

She is the CEO of Hiberge Resources LtdShe is the CEO of HRL Style & HRL FabricsplusShe is the CEO of Access Marbles & Construction. She also plays in the Upstream Sector of Oil and Gas.

She is very stylish. And many describe her as a fashion mogul.

Recently, CityPeople got her to tell us her success story. Who is Helen Olowo, we asked. Helen Olowo, nee Ntukidem is a wife and mother. I am from Akwa Ibom State.”

“I am a product of the great Unity SchoolsFederal Government Girls College, Langtang and currently the National President of Federal Government Langtang Old Girls Association (FLOGA).”

“I attended the University of Lagos. I have a B.sc, a Masters in International Law and Diplomacy and an MBA.

“I also have a Post Graduate Diploma and an Advanced Diploma in Procurement from the UK, which availed me membership of the Chartered Institute of Procument Supply UK. I have various industry-required certifications and awards.” 

We got her to tell us about her many businesses like Construction, Oil & Gas”

“I am a multifaceted entrepreneur with a diverse portfolio spanning the Upstream Oil & Gas Industry, Construction, and, of course, the Beauty and Fashion industry.”

My Business ventures are in the Oil and Gas industry. I am a Certified procurement specialist with extensive experience in all aspects of tendering processes, contract negotiations and due process.”

“I liaise with NAPIMS/DPR and managed, packaged and compiled various technical/commercial applications and bidding round processes.”

I established and negotiated various Joint Ventures and agreements with various companies over the years.

Hiberge Resources Ltd. was born in 1993 out of the need to continually fill this gap of service.

In the realm of Construction, at Access Systems Construction, we have successfully navigated various projects from 2005 till date, that have reshaped cityscapes both in the private and public sector. The most recent being the renovation of The Ondo State House of Assembly from 2022 till date. We also stock and supply one of the highest-quality building marble granites in the country.

We got her to tell us about her success story in Business. “My time in the Corporate world due to my diligence, astuteness and attention to detail allowed for quick growth and this informed my business journey and is a  testament to continuous hardworking resilience, and the urge to achieve even greater heights and new horizons.”

“Overcoming challenges, I’ve forged a path marked by growth, innovation, and a commitment to excellence.”

We also got her to tell us about her love for Fashion. How did she become a fashion mogul?

Through a passion for fashion. My foray into the fashion industry has always been at the background. It is fueled by a love for creativity and self-expression.  In school, I had always loved the socials which got me involved in the world of pageantry and at the highest, I also represented Nigeria in the Miss World pageant in 1993. That was a turning point in my life and ever since then it has been an uphill journey.”

Through dedication and a keen eye for Beauty, Art and Trends, HRL Style was born. We have one or two up our sleeves in the coming year. As a true fashion lover and art curator that resonates with diverse audiences, I believe the brand HRL Style is just about to truly evolve.”

We got her to tell us about her growing-up years. Where was she born?

My growing up was exciting. Growing up was pretty simple. The typical only girl child in a home of 4 boys.” “My parents lived in Lagos all their life. My dad worked in Nigerian Breweries in his early days. My mum worked at Mobil Producing before she left and delved into business. Did I mention that she was Miss Nigeria in 1968? She also participated in the Miss World pageant during her reign. (Both my parents are of blessed memories this year. May their soul rest in Peace.

“So I believe my formative years laid the foundation for my entrepreneurial spirit and the path towards Beauty and Fashion.”

“The values instilled during my upbringing have continued to shape my approach to Business and Life.”

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