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How l Got The Popular Nickname Sola Vibrator

Everyone calls her Sola Vibrator.But her real name is Sola Ogunmefun. She is the pretty contemporary Juju music act who is currently making waves and rocking the music scene right now. She is good at what she does. She sings well. She dances well. She is a talented entertainer.

What has helped her career is her Beauty. She is got a lovely figure that makes her outfits to sit well on her. She is blessed with a sexy look and a voice that captivates her fans.  has also got a great stage performance.

How did she get her stage name Vibrator.?

I got it when I was still in d university. We were rehearsing and I started singing and dancing hopping all around nonstop. so, a friend of mine said “Shola u just dey vibrate you be vibrator ??” 😊😊so I decided to pick d name

My music is juju music but am Versatile cos it's an inbuilt fin right from d inception.ders no genre of music I can't dab into be it Fuji,apala,hot tungba,etc  it takes alot of practice for perfection

When did she get into music?

I got into music just like that it happened like a miracle. Although I started from childhood at the age of 7 and went on till like 14years old. started building it back in my university days when we go for stage performances, dance competition etc
It all happened in church. She grew up singing in church.

Why DUPE BnS Is Very Popular In LONDON

 Everyone calls her Dupe BnS in London. She is big in London. She is into Entertainment & Promotions business not only in London but across the UK. She runs BnS promotions in the UK. On account of her job as a show promoter, many know her. 

So big and important is Dupe in the scheme of things in London that no prominent entertainer visits London and not drop by at the BnS Lounge to see this Queen of Entertainment in London. She holds successful shows. And over the last 10 years, she has held over 200 shows, parties, and concerts. She is good at what she does. She is easily one of the very best. She is pretty. She is stunning and glamorous in her outfits. 

Recently City People Online Fashion and Beauty Magazine asked her for her success story. For instance, how did the alias BnS come about? The B&S /BNS as some write it started from my religious slogan blessing and success.
How did she get involved in the entertainment business?  If I count from the years I worked and act with Sam Loco Efe and Olumide Bakare in NTA Ibadan Sitcom Koko close OLUWA Lambe Lodge. You will be right to say I've been in entertainment all my life. But my music promotions started fully in 2003 with PK 1st Abass Akande Obesere15years now

Where was she born? Where did she grow up?
I was born into Pa Oke's Compound in IdikanIbadan,my father was a very religious man, an educationist, and clergy who believes in self-sufficiency. He is late Hon Jonathan Oke and my mum an Ebirawoman from the royal family in Okene

How about her schooling? She told us too. I attended the Sacred Heart convent School and Our Lady of Apostles Mary way secondary school, Odo Ona, Ibadan.
My A levels (6th form) was at St ANN’S School Molete, Ibadanand For further studies was at Ibadan Polytechnics; I read Mass Communication

I interned at BCOS & served at NigerianTribuneall in Ibadan before travelling to the United Kingdomin the late 80s where I studied politics and communication
I later started a fashion & jewelry business which was very lucrative in the year 2000. I was married with 4 children; 3 graduates to the glory of God with the last born going college

Why did she relocate to London years back when she did? My relocation to London happened when I had a failed relationship in Nigeria. I decided to further my education in the UK and I stayed till present
We asked her to tell us about her shows in London.

My 1st sole show which I invested my money in without conjunction with anyone was in 2005. The artist was Obesere
After was Mama Opelope anointing/Lanre Teriba Atorise with my pastor at the time Pastor Isaac Odejinmi. Olu Maintainhip-hop was just emerging in the music circle of Nigeria

I later decided to stick to promoting Fuji Artistbecause Londoners happened to turn up more for their shows than when it's Jujuor Apalaartist performing
I have been Pasuma’s main promoter in the UK since 10years now after Hon Jenyo his original promoter left London for politics.

It's been a beautiful long journey which has blossomed into Alh Wasiu Alabi Odetola Pasuma becoming god dad to my last born
I have had shows with K1 the Ultimate in Londonand Nigeria
It was a great experience that developed into a mentor relationship
So what sort of a person is Dupe BnS whose real name is ModupeArowoshola-Okesanjo?

Dupebns/b&s is a beautiful kind-hearted caring soul, hardworking single mother of 4 who has a passion for entertainment. A charitable person who like to bring up & mentor young people especially females who are interested in becoming a promoter

Dupe is a practicing Christian with the fear of God and respect & compassion for fellow human
What services does she offer her clients at BnSAt (BNS) blessing and success promotions, we promote music arts and culture we package event for all occasions including organising rally for political parties.

We advertise goods and services for companies & individuals
 We anchor programme. Provide PA System/DJ and Live Band for parties
Our other services include Catering and Decorations
Dupe BnS popularly known as the crowned queen of promoters UK is not just into showbiz only

I am an actress a producer and entrepreneur
Is she single? If so why has she remained single after her separation?
I've been single for 10years without intention to remarry because I lost trust in a relationship due to domestic violence and abuse I experience for 18years in my marriage to my children s father.

What has kept her going all these years?
God has sustained me the love and support I get from people; the happiness I see in the faces of those who attend my events has kept me going. 

Although the bad-mouthing & rumour mongering about a female promoter in a male-dominated industry and the gang up of unscrupulous jealous colleagues nearly made me want to quit at a time but the encouragement from my children not to stop doing what I love kept me going

The Hot Looks Of LONDON Big Babe Kofsexy

Her real name is Kofoworola Ayinke Kaffo. But many babes call her Kofsexy. That is her brand name. She is a beautician. She is into the beauty line. She is a Skin Therapist. She helps other women look beautiful.

This beautiful lady lives in London where she is popular.

PR Guru,Osigwe Ingram Hits 50 in Style

Corporate Communications guru, Osigwe Ingram (Enyi Oha)is 50 but he does not look it.He looks refreshingly young. Apart from the sprinkle of grey beards there is nothing to show that he has hit the Golden age.

City people Online Fashion and beauty Magazine asked him for his success secret and he revealed a lot.

How does he feel turning 50 we asked him.

I feel very fulfilled turning 50, In an era where life expectancy is reduced in sub Saharan Africa. Turning 50 gives a cause to thank God for his blessings, life and good health.

I’m fulfilled that I’ve acquitted myself well in my chosen endeavor been able to pick my bills as a Nigeria, been there for my family and friend. Been an employer of labor.

Yes, some regrets, the death of my mother in 2015, Also the death of my younger siblings in 1999 and 2005. Coincidentally, my 2 dead siblings all graduated from FUTO

What was growing up like?

Grew up under a father (school principal) whom taught us to be honest and to imbibe the culture of reading . Had my secondary schools in the east, had my tertiary education @ ABSU Uturu.


 In LondonTosin Abiola is very very popular. She is a popular Naija big babe who is also very stylish in her dressing. She is popularly called Omobrish. She is a Social worker. But she is more popular in the entertainment world. 

She acts in movies, but at her leisure. She has been an actress all her life before she relocated years ago. She studied at London Metropolitan University. She studied  Psychology with Health

She lives in London where she lives a good life. She is a nice and adorable lady who is at peace with herself. She is a beautiful lady blessed with a lovely figure and good looks. She dresses well. When she's less busy she acts. She features in movies.