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My Fashion Style Is Simple,Yet Chic -The Luxury Reporter Publisher,Funke Osae-Brown

She is a successful Publisher running a successful publication called The Luxury Reporter.

Her publication is exclusively about Luxury and the big players. And she packages it so well that all the VVIPS wants to appear in it.
They willingly grant her interviews and they all want to be featured in it.

She recently told City people Online Fashion and Beauty Magazine her story.

Congratulations on your exquisite brand The Luxury Reporter. How did you come up with the idea?

 Thank you. Well, it all started when at some point In my career as a lifestyle and business journalist that I wanted to explore new grounds. What I was doing at the time was becoming monotonous and I needed yet another big leap in my journalism career. So in the course of editing the Business Life magazine at Business Day, I have interacted with some CEOs and their lifestyle, so I realized there is a need to focus on their lives outside of work, some of these ideas were also pushed while I was the editor of the magazine. 

So, it occurred to me one day that I could actually start a full fledged magazine on luxury living. So it all started from nursing the idea jokingly. I was on Maternity leave when I prayed about the idea and the name The Luxury Reporter came to me because that is just what I wanted to do, to report luxury. The domain was registered and it all began from there some five years ago.

Tell us about the range of services you offer?

 We started in 2015 with our online Our goal when we started was to have a digital magazine that is downloadable on mobile phones. By December of 2015, we went live with a 24-page digital magazine which was downloadable on our website.

The following year, we started an online TV, TLR Online TV. Along the line, we discovered that even though news consumption is going digital, there are still some unique places especially those in the service industry like hotels, airlines etc who need hard copies to place in their lobbies for guests. So we introduced a quarterly print edition in 2018.

Why focus on Luxury?

Like I said earlier the lifestyle of CEOs, self-made entrepreneurs need more attention. In addition, African luxury is now taking the world by storm.

Tell us about Funke, How did Journalism start for you?
My journalism career began while I was serving in Edo State. A friend, Dr. Rotimi Fasan, introduced me to the Arts Editor at Business Day at the time, so I started contributing by writing about my experience as a corp member. After service, I got a job to work at New Age newspaper (now defunct) as a small business reporter. After a few months, I went back to Business Day. I was at Business Day for 10 years until I resigned five years ago to start The Luxury Reporter.

Tell us a little about your background Where were you born and where did you grow up Tell us about your schooling and courses done?

I was born in Ivory Coast. My parents brought us back home later and I lived with my grandparents for some time before we settled in Lagos in the early 1980s. Since then I have been living in Lagos.

I studied English Literature at OgunState University Ago Iwoye. I did my Masters in English Literature at University of Lagos. I took courses in The Netherlands went for trainings in the UK, Ghana and other places.

Tell us about your Style.l know you are fashionable and stylish What determines what you wear?

I try to be myself when it comes to style. I am not a fan of what is in vogue. I love to wear what suits me. What makes me, me. I am not pretentious about my sense of style. And I don’t dress to impress. I dress to look good and presentable. My style is simple yet chic.

 Tell us about your compound surname Osae-Brown.

My compound surname is courtesy of my husband, Anthony Osae-Brown. He is from Delta State. It is his family name. And it is unique! (Laughs).


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