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BISMID Cosmetics CEO,ALHAJA OLUBUNMI AGBENI Reveals Her Success Secrets

One of the leading Cosmetics, Skincare & Beauty experts in Lagos, Alhaja Olubunmi Agbeni is in a happy mood right now.

She has just opened a new store at the new Tejuosho Ultra-modern shopping centre in Lagos. It was the opening of the new BISMID Cosmetics Spa at Tejuosho. It offers Spa services, Nails and , Facials last Friday 25th October.

She is a big player in the cosmetic sector with several outlets all over Lagos and beyond. Through her flagship store is at 32 Randle Avenue in surulere Lagos she reaches out to several clients all over the world. She has over 500 products that deal with skincare issues. Many like her packaging. She has beautifully designed packs and containers that enhances the acceptability of her products.

Have you wondered why Bismid Cosmetics has grown from strength to strength in the last 18 years?

We can tell you the reason. First is the sincerity of the Founder. Iya Bisola as many call her is a truthful and sincere woman who will always tell her clients the truth about their skin.
Her pricing is affordable. And you will get good quality service for what you pay.

She is also quite knowledgeable about her business.

She is humble to a fault. She does not allow the success of her business to get to her. She has remained very humble and simple.

She has a staff strength of about 200 and they are all well paid. 

Iya Bisola says Passion plays a big role in her success story. "I am passionate about what I do.l have done it for 18years and I am still enjoying it ",she says.

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