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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.


Did you hear about the recent K1 show held in Londonwhere the King of Fuji thrilled the full hall. Tickets got sold out days to the concert put together by Alexes Promotions owned by popular London promoter, Mrs Bola Olatise.
She hosted the show in conjunction with BNS promotion UK owned by a beautiful female promoter, Dupe.

Since the successful hosting of the show very many people have been praising Alexes for hosting a lovely show.
Alexes is the newest promoter in town with a project of £70,000 pound in a first show. Let's tell you more about the show that took place at The Royal Regency Banqueting hall, 50 High Street North, Manor park, London E126th
The classy show was hosted by popular London EventshostDazzlinDaisy. And the DJ was Kashif Da Flash.
That many Naija big boys and babes in Londonlove K1became obvious when they rushed the tickets. And the tickets didn't come cheap. Regular was £100pounds, VIPwas £250poundsand VVIPtable of 6 went for £1,500
The show was on Saturday 19th October 2019.  lt started at 8pm and went on till 2am. A few days ago, Alexes Promotions bossspoke to the Publisher of City People Online Fashion and Beauty Magazine about her success story. It's very revealing. This is her 1st major interview.

How did you see the recent K1 concert you organised?
The K1 show on the 19th October, 2019 by AlexesPromotionswas fantastic with massive turn out and I am so happy that I made history

Give us more details about the venue and who did what
The concert was held at The Royal Regency Banqueting Hall in East London with a capacity of 1200.
The security was provided by The Royal Regency Securitiesin conjunction with Alexes Security. Photography and Video was covered by Heritage TV
Food and Drinksprovided by Myties Kitchen and Ebute Metarestaurant
Event promoted by BNS Promotions. MC is DazzlingDaizy

Tickets were sold out.  How did you do it?
I can only say it’s God, Handwork and good promotional skills
The turnout is massive. I thank all K1 fans and my fans for their support

Let's talk about your show promotion business in London. When did you start show promotion business?
This is my first concert although I am into eventplanningfor several years
Tell us about the shows you have done so far. How many?
The K1’s concert is my first show

Tell us a bit about you. Where were you born? Where did you grow up? How did you end up in London?
My name is Mrs Omobolanle Olatise, I am a native of Ibadan Oyo State
I did my elementary to secondary schoolin Ibadanand then proceeded to Lagos for my degree. I relocated to United Kingdomafter I got married
I am happily married with 2 kids.
I run 5 companies in UK at the moment and 3 companies in Nigeria

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