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She Is Also The 2019 City People Faceof Kannywood

These are happy times for Hafsat Idris, the beautiful Kannywoodactress who is very popular up North. This pretty actress who is a big actress in the North has a lot to be happy for. Her face is everywhere in the North. She is on many movie posters all over the North, especially in Kano, where she is from and Kaduna.
So popular is she that her face is on houses, cars and on the walls of public buildings. 

She is well loved by many. This is because she is good at what she does for a living. She is good at interpreting all the roles she is given to act.
At the recent City People Movie Awards held on Sundaythe 13thof October2019in Lagos, she bagged 2 big awards.
She emerged City People Best Kannywood Actress of The Year. She was also the 2019 City People Face of Kannywood.

When her name was called in the hall and she came on stage to receive her 2 awards she was filled with emotions. She broke into tears of joy.
How did she feel winning 2 big awards? "I was happy. Honestly I don't know how to explain the extent of my happiness. I feel highly honoured. I feel so great to have been the recipient of the 2 prestigious awards.
How did she get into acting? I wanted to be like GenevieveNnaji, and lniEdo. l admired them.

How does it feel having your face all over the North? "I have learnt to live with it. l love what I do. l have always known that I will go into acting some day and it happened. I love drama from my secondary school days.
I studied in Sagamu. I grew up in Sagamu. I was born in Sagamu on the 14th of July 1989. She told City People Online Fashion and beauty Magazine how her first movie Baurauniya launched her to limelight. She has acted in very many movies like Wata ruga, the epic movie called Ta faru ta kare, Yar film, Doya da maja, mainatu, Abdalla and Kawayeto mention just a few.

She says she is very happy because she is popular everywhere. I started my movie in December 15, 2015 since then I have not looked back. I am happy i have been attaining my goals. There is nothing more now than for me to continue to thank almighty Allah.
I have acted in over 40 movies. I have produced my own movie. I have produced a movie. I produced Kawaye in 2017. HafsatIdrisis based in Kano.
Most of the movies I act in are in Kano, Kadunaand Abuja.
She has also acted in places like Zaria, Nassarawaand Jos. Her dadis from Kano and mum is from Sokoto but she was born in Sagamu. She is fun to be with.

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