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IK Ogbonnahas many things going for him in Nollywood. He is a star actor. He is good at what he does for a living. He is tall and handsome. And he is a damn good dresser. I.KOgbonnawon big at the recently concluded 2019 City People MovieAwardsheld on Sunday the 13th of October 2019in Lagos.

He won 2 awards. The 1st was as the Most Featured Actorln CinemaMovies. The 2nd was as The Best Supporting Actor of the Year (English).
Many industry watchers commended his choice because lK is a damn good professional actor who interprets his role perfectly well.

How does it make you feel being one of the most sought after actors in Nollywood?
It can only be God’s grace, there are so many talents in this great industry and being recognized amongst a few. I feel blessed

lts been how many years now? How did acting start for you?
I started the journey in 2013 when Rukky Sandaspotted me outside a club, and in her words ‘’ fine boy come and do film for me‘’ lmao. I got on set but I had cold feet and looked for an escape, she came again and insisted I must play the lead role in her next movie, LOVELORN, with AlexEkubbo, TontoDikeh, AlexOsifo. That was my first movie ever since then it’s been grace after grace, but I can’t forget Elvis Chucks who believed in me and made sure I was in all his productions afterwards
Which movie shot you to limelight and what year was it?
I really can say ... people have their different favorites. I think my personality pushed me out more and the movies was an additional blessing.

Tell us a bit about your growing up years. Where were you born?
I was born in Plateau state, into a family of 4. My parents were strict Christians and I believe that help in guiding my roots. I lived in Jos till 2005 when I came to Lagos

What has kept you going? What is your staying power?
It can only be God. I work hard and I keep the right people around me and right energy

Which state and town are you from in the East?
Abia State, IsialaNgwa.

Let's tell you more about this multi-talented dude who is very stylish in his dressing.

Ikechukwu MitchelOgbonna, professionally known as IK Ogbonna, is a Nigerianfilmand televisionactor, Model, Directorand TVPersonality. He originated from the area of Abia State, which is in the south-eastern part of Nigeria. He attended primary and secondary school in Lagos State. He proceeded to the Universityof Jos, where he studied Sociology. He is popularly known for his role in the movie ‘PlayingSafe’alongside Tonto Dikeh and Ini Edo. He was also featured in Disguise(2018), The Washerman (2018) and Pebbles of Love (2017).

Ikechukwu "IK" Ogbonnawas born on 11 January 1984 and is the second in the family of four children consisting of two boys and two girls. He is of Igbo descent. He attended primaryand secondaryeducation in Lagos, Nigeria. While in Secondary School, he won the Milo Awards for Fine Arts. After completing his primary and secondary school education in Lagos, IK Obgonna proceeded to the University of Jos in Jos, PlateauStatein Nigeria, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. After completing his tertiary education, IK Ogbonna joined the Nigerianfilmindustry, also known as Nollywood, as an actor, and he rose through the ranks to become one of Nollywood's celebrated actors.

Ogbonna began acting after completing his education in University of Jos. He has featured in over 100Nollywoodmovies. His first movie was Lovelorn produced by RukkySandain 2013. Ogbonna has won several awards, he is known for his stunning appearances on red carpets and he is also an ambassador for DorcoShavingStick. Ogbonnatook part in the audition of the Amstel Malta BoxOfficetelevision show in 2005 and was picked. He has been a model for quite a long time.

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