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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.


She's quite popular in Turkey. Everyone calls her Iyalaje.
Hajia Wasilat Amope Animashaun was born & raised in LagosIslandwhere she completed her primary & secondary educations. She started business at a very young age. Her business acumen is top notch with vast investments in textile, construction, foodstuff supplies& catering.
She was a big time Textiles importer in the popular "gutter" area of Idumota of Lagos Islandin the 90s.

Her business investments took her outside the shores of Nigeriato various countries like India, London, Paris, Singapore, Uganda, Kenya, IvoryCoast, Germany, and Hollandbut after so many years, she decided to settle down in Istanbul, TurkeyThe saying that the golden goose has no hiding place (I hope this is correct and is well interpreted Hajia Wasilat AmopeAnimashaun.
She built her foodstuff supply business from scratch to a million dollar empire in Turkey which earned her the Yorubatraditional title of IYALAJE OF TURKEY.  Her motherly care of all Nigerians living in Turkeywho have had a reason to meet her is phenomenal, this also earned her the title of IYAOODUAOF TURKEY from his Eminence Aare Ona Kakanfo of Yorubaland, AareGaniAdams.

Iyalaje is the No 1 in Turkey when it comes to Nigerian foodstuff & AfricanCuisines. Just name the food. Is it piping hot Amala with gbegiri, & eweduplus goatmeator eforirowith crabs, snails& dry fish, in Nigeria and you'll get it @ Iyalaje'sshops in Mecedikoy & Esenyurt in Istanbul or anywhere else in Turkey.
Istanbul stood still for Iyalaje on the 21st of September when she celebrated her 55th birthday

The menu list which included asaro, tuwo, fufu with sumptuous soups like egusi, gbegiri, ewedu, garri& ede yoyo, Ofada rice, jollof& fried rice were served. Guests who flew in from Lagos, Canada, London, USA, Dubai& Congo to celebrate this wonderful epitome of beauty, businessacumen & humility were well satisfied.

She's blessed with 3 handsome sons who were also on ground to support their mum. She's the god aunt of Omolola Abibat Popoolawho she constantly calls her Otun Iyalaje.

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  1. All the words used above is not enough to describe how golden this woman's heart is. Anyone who has ever being in contact with her can testify to this. This woman is a special breed, I have roamed this earth and I can hardly find someone as humble, humanly and supportive as this woman. She takes strangers as her own child. Always willing to help. She is a mother to all. God will continue to increase her and no harm shall befall her by the special grace of Almighty God.