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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.


 Let's tell you about the latest restaurant in town right now. Have you heard about Cafe 55, a brand new restaurant that has just opened in the lkejaaxis of Lagos. Cafe 55 Launched in the heart of the bustling, cosmopolitan city of Lagos, Nigeria.
At 55, Isaac John Street, Ikeja to be precise. Cafe 55 since its inception has become the preferred food hub in the area.
With the buzz surrounding this, upscale restaurant being about its food and ambience.
I got an invitation to visit the restaurant few days ago. I was at first struck by its discreetness. It was clearly one of those restaurants that are run by the, “those who know, know".
Standing by the popular Rejuvenee Spa, it was quite clear the kind of clientele it catered to. I walked in and was immediately taken by the colours, the medley of food smells, as I was being ushered to an available seat.

Complimentary nuts were served as I was handed the menu.
In the cool, garden like space, it was hard not to feel hungry.
I wasn't quite sure if I wanted to go with the All Day Breakfast or dig into my options of fish, chicken or steak meals.
My indecision was immediately solved as the Chef stopped by to help me out of my dilemma. Her promise of ensuring my meal would be prepared just as I had expected was lived up to.

The freshness, colours, flavours and ampleness of the meal has been indescribably satisfying, best experienced personally.

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