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Have you sighted tall, elegant beautiful, Mrs. Toke Benson Awoyinka at event and not admire her love for simple boubou fondly called Kaftan? Well, permit us to tell you that her love for boubou didn’t start today. She love to sew her fabrics into flowing boubou which always complement her bodyframe.
You can’t walk past her at Owambe and not look at her twice. Being a Lawyer and Senior Special Adviser to Lagos State Governor on Housing, you will expect her to love the regular office attire, but Mrs. Awoyinka never jokes with African Prints which are sewed into boubou.

City People ABIOLA ORISILE spoke to her few at Mrs. Jumoke Oyeneyin's shop opening where she spoke about her love for boubou, her Lagos roots and how she has coped in a male dominated environment.     

Why do you love wearing boubou?
I love wearing boubou because it is comfortable. I have been wearing boubou in the last 7 to 10 years.

What do you like about Ankara?
I am very ethnic. I am proudly Nigerian. I also love Ankara a lot.

Your skin is so flawless and you have maintained your skin, what have you done differently?
If I come to your house and you use black soap, I will use it. The only thing I know I have done is to maintain the PH balance.
You look so youthful, how old is Mrs. Toke Benson?
I am in my early 50s. Age is of the mind. I am somebody who is very sociable. I am comfortable being me.

Who are your parents?
My mother is from Alli Balogun family of Lagos Island. My father is from popular Benson family of Ikorodu. I am a Lagosian.
How do you rest?
If you are passionate about what you do, you won’t feel tired. I am so passionate about what I do.

Do you miss the bench?
Guess what? In my ministry, we also prosecute on behalf of citizen's. We are prosecuting on behalf of 262 that was defrauded at Ketu with Department of Public Defender (DPD). I am doing a lot of things which are law related.
We are introducing fore closure Law in Lagos. We are making sure that Rent Tribunal are in place. So I am doing a lot of work that is related to my work.

How do you rest?
I do rest when necessary. If you call me on Saturday morning and I don’t have official assignment, I am probably in bed sleeping.

Who are your friends?
I have a diverse group of friends that we went to school in England. A week ago, we had a get together with my friends in primary school. I went to primary and secondary school here before I proceeded to England for my A-levels.
I also have friends that we went to Law school together. I have a very vibrant 1990 Law school group. I have friends all over.  Then I have my political family. I am very rich in friends.

How is it being a female politician in Lagos?
You just said something before this interview that anytime you see me walking into an event, I walk in confidently. I am comfortable being me and fortunately every female lawyer is a gentleman, so I don’t see myself as a female politician. I see myself as somebody who wants to give servcie.
Governor Sanwo-Olu has given me that opportunity and I will serve my people to the best of my ability.

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