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Compliments of the season to all our Plus Size Diva's and esteemed readers of this Column. Today, I’ll be giving you Tips on how to look Stylish during this festive period.

10 Tips for the perfect Xmas Look.

1. it’s the season of Red & Green. Be a part of the season by making sure you have a bit of each colour in either your accessories or your cloths.

2. Since it’s a season of merriment that means there will be a lot of parties or social outings. As a plus size person, keep to the word less is more. Try not to overdo yourself in your dressing.

3. A touch of red should be the guiding word. Try to avoid too much of Red in your outfit. It’s a loud colour and sometimes it’s not so appropriate for a Plus Size person.

4. If you have an event that warrants you sewing your aso ebi, I would suggest styles with Peplum & straight cuts.

5. Frills on cloths should be moderate. Cause they tend to make a plus size person look bigger.

6. Capes are also advisable if you are a busty plus size. This helps to cover up the chest.

7. Always tell your tailors to add appliques to the joining on your cloths around the tummy area. This helps reduce the size of the tummy.

8. Like I always suggest, Block heels are the best for a plus size person. Total flats will make you look sloppy, so a bit of heels brings out your elegance as a plus size.

9. Red lipstick are a must have in this season. Not only is it a colour for the season, it also brightens the face and give you an elegant look.

10. For all your Plus Size Tips and Consultation, you can reach me at Eve Xtra Plus Size Shop at Shoprite Mall Surulere. Lagos.

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