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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

SELF-LOVE: Everything You Want Is at The Other Side of Fear – Teenu Impactress

 I am at a place in my Life, where I am no longer interested in convincing others how I feel or who I am is valid. Am loving myself, even through the dark.

Self-love is not for the purpose of ego or nor does is have anything to do with others. Self-love is about our own receptivity to it, for the purpose of remembering our worthiness, already wholeness, instead of striving or fighting for it.

You begin to know your truth from its own conscious depths and what this really means; that you are no longer trying to get love.

You are being the source of LOVE

You are no longer trying to relate from a wound, you relate from self-love.

When a MAN relates from self-love. He is no longer avoiding commitment. This is just a defence mechanism to protect himself from a Woman, “fill my empty hole” wounds. He is no longer being responsible to save a woman through his love and attention.

He can now open his heart and share his truth without her agenda and reaction and without the pressure of needing to fix, marry or save her.

When A Woman comes from self-love first. She is no longer resenting A Man from avoiding her own inner abandonment, using him as an obsession, fantasy or “object” to get her needs met. Chasing a man and trying everything to gets her man committed.

Instead she knows her wounds and takes responsibility for her capacity to self-love, meeting a man from real inner love, true relating and presence connection, instead of being overcome with unconscious coping mechanisms and fears.

On the path of waking ourselves up, we meet a relationship.

It’s time for us to see when we are relating more with others from our wounds /Fear more than our hearts.

We can’t keep blaming each other because our wounds trigger their wounds, we must go to the heart and root of the matter.

One approach is to rewrite your relationships and start over again.

The wounds we have want to possess its “object” of love from a place of lack of fear, and the heart is content to just love, near or far, does not matter.

A High-Quality Man wants to choose a woman who embodies loving herself when taking off all the masks, demanding your own naked, raw honest depth, integrity and leadership. Aka the Queen 

A High Value Woman want to choose a man who knows his truth and won’t change it for you to feel more loved and who won’t take your toxic manipulation as love...
Aka the King 

Instead penetrating your emotions, demanding

that you live in your deepest heart.
The root is our most painful triggers and it’s only in that moment that we have the golden ticket to investigate and discern if we’re relating from wound or from heart.
Yearning or acting desperately for something, is telling the universe you don’t already have it inside you and you already are abundant and whole, so you do!

Once you remove old relationship patterns that no longer serve you...
You’ll find it easier to surround yourself with those who feed your soul, nourish your heart and nurture your aliveness.
You'll make connections that resonate light you up and expand your heart, and also find the courage to discover more and more of what you don’t want, so you have the wisdom to know the difference.


You will attract the Relationship Your Heart Desire
Because You’re Worth It.


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