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UK Based Gospel Artiste, SOPHY-YAH Out With New Single –Tells Citypeople Her Story

On Friday 21st, September 2020, UK based Gospel artist Sophy-Yah, who sings Gospel Hip Hop, RnB will release a new single. She spoke to Citypeople Online recently about her new release & success story. Below are excerpts of her interview.

Please introduce yourself
My Name is Sophia Godwin, stage name Sophy-Yah. I am a UK based gospel artiste, I do gospel hip-hop, RnB.

Tell me about your new Single...
My new single is titled “Stop the hurt”, it’s a song that talks extensively about Domestic Violence and its effects, for me no one should go through any sorts of abuse as it can be really damaging. Domestic violence is not right in any shape or form be it on a woman or a man, it is violence and not a revolution, what we need is a mental revolution. Am hoping this song will impact as many that will listen to it. Also the song is being released in support of Women’s Aid UK, a UK based charity that looks after abused women, proceeds from the sale of the single will be donated to them as they are doing a fantastic job.

Why did you go into music?
I decided to become a gospel artist because that’s one of the things the Lord has called me to do as His child having given my life to him at the young age of 13, I was severely persecuted for my faith, but the Lord sustained and kept me and it was during the course of my persecution that He gave me songs, I have recorded a few of them and am yet to record the rest.

What business do you do?
I am a musician, and I work in Market research as a project manager.

You are a Christian and that is quite noticeable in your dressing. Tell us how you choose what u wear...
In choosing what I wear, I try as much as possible not to wear anything revealing or that shows cleavage or too much flesh, I believe as a Christian one must dress moderately and decently.

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