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Style Tips To Make Your Weekend Memorable By Seun Elegushi

Today is Friday, and we are already at the weekends. It's no surprise to us that Saturdays and Sundays are days of "Owanbe", clubs, Night outs, Outings, dates, Get together, time to stay indoors, rest, and enjoy what the internet or television has to offer and lots more.

But what's more important in all this is how we dress for the various events we have planned for this weekend.

So here are tips on how to make your weekend memorable with fashion styles and tips for.


Indoor fashion style tips:

If you decide to stay indoors throughout or mostly this weekend, it is still okay to do it with style as you never know who might come visiting.

First of all comfort is key when it comes to dressing. Wear things you will be comfortable on and make your body feel free. You have been working from Monday to Friday, so it's fair and good for your health when you give your body breathing space. Meaning do not wear tight clothes.

For men, wear nice shorts with a nice light t-shirts. Sleeveless clothes if possible.


For women, if staying indoors, wear a bum short or short, and a sleeveless or tank top dress.


Or a baggy shirt.


For Owanbe style tips:


The best fashion style for Owanbe are native wears. One of the beauty of Owanbe is being able to proudly show your ethnic group through your native wears.

Here are pictures to help you in getting a style for any Owanbe you might be going for this weekend. For bothe male and female.


Get your style inspiration from Ebuka.

For outings style tips:


If you are going out on a date, or to hang out with friends, or probably planning on going to clubs or bars. Here are style tips which can help you make it a memorable one.

To look cool and simple for both male and female.


Wear a nice sneakers, I recommend all stars, vanz, Adidas, Nike, and fear of God.

Add with with a nice slim fitted jeans or a baggy blue jean, with a nice shirt, either a long sleeve or a short sleeve, or a thumb shirt.

For females you can wear a skirt with a nice jean jacket with a white inner shirt like the picture below.

Men can also wear boots with to give a classy look to their style.

Also don't forget to make use of accessories to give live to your wears such as necklace, hand bracelets, rings, ear rings and so on.

Hope this style tips has been of any use to you. Thank you for reading. Have stylish memorable weekend.



 By Seun Elegushi

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