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Let's talk Fashion with Taiwo Awosemo, New-Wave Asooke Designer

CEO of Asookebyhouseofcrystal, Taiwo Awosemo (nee Adeniyi) is the 5th child of her parent and is married to Mr Charles Awosemo and the union is blessed with 3 kids. Taiwo is a goal getter who doesn't relent until she achieves what she want. She is a native of Kano state, a graduate of the department of Banking & Finance, Lagos State Polytechnic. In her interview with City People Fashion Reporter "Ogundeji Oluwatobi", she lets us into the world of Asooke, how to identify each Asooke respectively and the beauty of Asooke. Below is an excerpt of the interview;


What's new about Asooke?


Asooke is now a fabric which is generally accepted by everyone. The reason is simply because it can be made and sewn to any preferred style of yours, over the years it's been made known that you can only sew ASOOKE as Iro and Buba, but now the new thing about it is that we can make a Dress with Asooke, jumpsuit, fitted skirt and blouse to mention but a few....


Is any form of education required to know the onions of selling and styling good Asooke?


Yes, you can't just go into the business without having a full knowledge of it. ASOOKE is so deep, most especially the styling part of ASOOKE, one has to be very creative.


 What's the beauty of using Asooke for special events?


The beauty of using Asooke for special events is being able to identify the celebrants effortlessly. There is this uniqueness that oozes from wearing Asooke. Anyone can wear lace fabric and the likes but it's rare to see a guest wear Asooke to another person's occasion. If as a celebrant, you wear a lace fabric, you shouldn't be surprised if you end up having a guest wearing the same colour and design of lace with you but with Asooke, that's not possible. You can have an Asooke fabric specially made for you. Again there's this confidence you get when you are beautifully dressed in ASOOKE.


Are there different types of Asooke and how can one identify them?


Yes, we have different types of asooke and their texture varies, there is supernet, crowntex, sanyan, alaari and Etu. You identify most of them by their texture. For instance, Etu asooke bears dark indigo colours with tiny white stripes noted for their simplicity. Sanyan texture feels like a cotton material and it’s thick. Alaari type is woven with either synthetically or locally grown cotton and shinning threads, sometimes with perforated patterns.


Generally, how would you describe Asooke?


Asooke is something beautiful to own. Presently all tribes are beginning to use ASOOKE most especially brides from different tribes who are not even Yoruba. Before we were made to know ASOOKE outfits is used by Yorubas but now we can't really say the same because Asooke is widely accepted by all and sundry regardless the tribe, ethnic or country.


What inspired you to venture into Asooke business?


What inspired me into starting this ASOOKE business is the fact that I love Fashion, I love to wear native so much that whenever I have an Owambe party to attend, I always request for complete Gele and Ipele (headgear & shoulder warp) so one day, I just woke up and told my husband that I felt like starting an ASOOKE business and he asked if I had prayed about it and was convinced because as at that time, I was a Makeup artist so I got inspired through my fashion lifestyle (tradition outfits ).


How did you come about the brand name House of crystals?


"Crystal is a word I picked from this movie Fighting Temptation. Beyonce sang the soundtracks so she mentioned "crystal clear" in her lyrics. I don't know if you could remember that movie but ever since then the word "Crystal" had always been on my mind and it was this word "crystal" that popped up again when I wanted to open a social media page so when I was about to start my business officially, I wrote different names out in a paper and after going through them, the only one I loved out of the five names I jotted down was House of crystal.


 How long have you been in Asooke business?

 I have been into the Asooke Business for about 3 years.

What has brought your brand this far?


Where do you draw inspiration for your Asooke designs?


Aside from the fact that i love being creative, i draw my inspiration from abstract thinking and happenings around me. Also this particular Asooke vendor, BISBODV Asooke inspires me with her unique designs.


What makes the brand "Asookebyhouseofcrystals" unique?


What makes our Asooke different from the rest is quality of our brand. We don't weave just anyhow ASOOKE. I've had cases where clients tell me, house of crystal I can vouch for you anytime any day. Your Asooke texture is not the normal ones being sold in the market place.

 Again, our customer service relationship with client is topnotch, I have gotten series of feedbacks from clients appreciating us on the way we attended to them.


Where do you see your asookebyhouseofcrystals in the next 5 years?

 In the next 5 years, house of crystal would have expanded globally. We would be widely known for organizing life changing seminars, trainings, runway shows and the likes by God's grace.


                                       Ogundeji Oluwatobi


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