Wednesday, 28 October 2020

Lovely Outfits for Men and Guys

Welcome back to another fashion weekly report.

On today’s fashion we will be looking at outfits for men and guys, we will be looking at some nice T-shirt with a beautiful color like black and white paired with a nice black jeans matched with a sneaker or a boot.

Another outfit for men are nice color of sweat shirt for men, the color will be talking about is a yellow sweat shirt paired with a Jeans match with a slide or sneakers.

Another trending outfit is a short sleeve T- shirt paired with either a ripped jeans or normal blue jeans match with a boot.

We will also be looking at some nice white outfit which can be rock during the Friday or party outing paired with a nice palm slippers to match.

Another trending outfit we will be checking out on today’s episode is short with a blue T- shirt paired with a slide to match

I will be showing you how this out can be rock

Reference (@ blarcklion on ig)

Our model for today is Adeola. A

Brand influencer/ model and a fashionista


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