Wednesday, 28 October 2020


It is cold, wet and windy outside, I needed something to brighten my day and my mood. Suddenly, thoughts of tulle flooded my mind. Why? I do not know. Yellow tulle to be precise, and then I realized it was inspired by a striking photo of former Big Brother Nigeria 2020 housemate Wathoni Anyasi. 'Dressed in a sunshine yellow ladybeellionaire luxury "frills of life" ( in my opinion) dress. It did brighten my day and brought a smile to my face as my mind was cast back to being a mad-hatter fashion designer to Society women back in Nigeria. Memories I cherish so dear.

Tulle or netting as we call it in Nigeria is one of those fabrics relegated for making wedding veils and “kpoofing up" garment sleeves or skirts. I remember clients giving me “Chinese warnings” (lol). I was never to use them for "tooshing up" their outfits because they were regarded as cheap. If only one person had been bold enough to let me, "them for gba"(ha ha ha).

I saw what most people did not see then. A fabric full of potentials and I bought every one-off pattern tulle I came across at Tejuosho market. Sadly I did not get the chance to go wild with designing them before relocating.

In the last year and recent months I saw what I termed an awakening in the Nigerian fashion industry. 'Definitely taking a cue from big designers in the west, tulle suddenly did not look so cheap anymore. The magical showstoppers that could be created out of this almost disregarded fabric must have sent many a designer pulses racing.

 The colour yellow was the most standout for me as it is not only eye-catching, but also evocative of a burst of sunshine, positivity, happiness, enlightenment, creativity, spring or rebirth and renewal. Which is exactly what Nigeria needs right now with all the ups and downs we are currently facing.

Like every fad, maybe it’s time will pass, but before it does, if making fashion statements is your thing, one sure fire way of creating a grand entrance to any occasion is getting lost in frills of tulle. A statement that will get everyone talking for a long time to come. (Just one advice, make sure you are wearing the clothes, and not the clothes wear you) Lol.

I hope these photos will brighten not just your days, but also let the significance of the colour yellow sink in too.

Let us hold on to the belief that there will be a rebirth, a renewal, with creativity and enlightenment, which are included in the magic potions when searching for positivity, happiness and victory.

Photo Credit: @wathonianyansi @ladybeellionaire_luxury @iamshaffibello @lanredasivaajayi dakoreea


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