Wednesday, 28 October 2020


She is stylish. She is beautiful. And she’s got good carriage. Olori Oluwaseyi Omobola Asake Adako is the pretty wife of HRM Oba Omotunde Alaba Ebiyanmi Adako (Iresin II), the Oliyere of Iyere Kingdom, in Owo Local Government Area of Ondo State. She has been married to the young and stylish king who is in his 40s. Oba Adako is set to celebrate his 10th year coronation anniversary this December, 2020. And it promises to be a big event.

How has your life been as an Olori, City People asked her recently? “It has been very good”, she explains. “I have enjoyed every bit of it. I am married to someone who is my father, my brother, my friend, my confident, my King and partner. I can’t ask for more.”

What sort of a person is Olori Oluwaseyi Omobola Asake Adako? “I am an easy going person. I am creative, hardworking, simple and I love to help other people, especially fellow woman.” What does she do? “I am a businesswomen, in Lagos. I am into Fashion. I recently opened a Restaurant, here in Lekki, just beside Chevron headquarters, off Chevron Road. The name of my Eatery & Lounge is Amala Mobbys. Its a Restaurant, Bar & Lounge. We operate all through the week.”

Why did she decide to go into Amala business? “Its because I have always had a passion for fashion. And because I love to cook. I looked around here for what is missing in this area and I noticed that where people can eat good Amala is missing. Many of my friends go all the way to Surulere from Chevron area of Lagos to eat or buy Amala and bring back home. Some also go far out of Lekki, towards Sangotedo/Epe side to buy Amala. I thought I could fill in the gap by opening a Restaurant where you can buy Amala and other delicacies like Rice. And to my surprise, the response has been huge and impressive. I feel that when you have a passion for something, you turn it to Money. But you need to develop Passion and Love for it first. And you then turn it into money. I love to give people food. And that is the reason I opened the Restaurant”.

Before going into Amala business, she was into Fashion business. How did she get attracted to Fashion? Does she still do fashion? “Yes, I still do it. Just that, it is not like I used to do it before. This new restaurant is taking a lot of my time. It is like taking me away from the fashion business, but I will go back to it in a few months time. Once my Amala business stabilises, I will go back to my fashion business which everybody knows me for. I love Fashion. I went into the fashion business because anything I put on everybody is always asking me, who made this for you, bla, bla, bla? How can we make this? How can I get my own? That was what brought about the fashion business. It is doing so well.”

When did she get into the fashion business? “It is about 4 years now,” she explains. What are the services she offers? “I sell fabrics, and I make them as well, bespoke.” How does she see the fashion style of the nigerian woman? How does she rate what they wear, their dressing? Is it true that Nigerian woman are the most fashionable any where in the world? How did they achieve that feat? She smiles. “I am an African woman. And I am a typical Yoruba woman. And I love to dress well. I love to leave an impression anywhere I step into. You know to ask. You don’t need to judge me or ask me before you know that this woman is a Yoruba woman. I love to bring out my Culture. That is it for me. I don’t know why majority of us like to copy the Western people. Why? Why should it be so? They are not copying us. So why should we copy them. Of course, with our Ankara, we can do a lot of styles. And when they see how we put it together they will like to wear it themselves. The other day I saw Rihana & Beyonce too, wearing Ankara and they are making a good style out of it.”

“Those are good statements.” So, what informs what she wears? How has being an Oloori affected her dressing? “Being an Olori, has not affected my dressing in anyway but it has added more. Before I became an Oloori I have been dressing up very well like an African woman. The only thing that is different now is that I wear the real coral bead”. Whats her advice to other women who are trying to be like her, who are trying to make Style Statements like her.

“The 1st advice I would give is that, they need to be very, very close to God. If you can get close to God you can achieve so many things. I don’t joke with my God. I do not mix my relationship with God with my social life. God first, and every other thing comes after.”


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