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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.


“Have you noticed that Lagos society woman, Princess Folashade Odumosu and Rev. Mother Esther Ajayi are very close? We can tell you so. They are close. How did they become good friends, City People asked Princess Odumosu, a few weeks back? “It is because Mama Esther Ajayi is a giver”. She explains. “And I also love Giving. We met and became friends. Many don’t know that she is a very good woman. She is a woman that has a very good heart. She does not need to know anybody before she gives”.

“She is always ready to give. Always. She doesn’t need to know their names. In fact, there was a day a very big Igbo man met her. He used to be very, very rich before in this Lagos. He had problems. He is an Igbo man from Onitsha. He is someone everybody knows. He is a Prince. He used to be a Billionaire before, but he does not have money again”.

“The day I took him to Mama Esther Ajayi, that day Mama Esther Ajayi gave him N10 million, that very day. That tells you the kind of person she is. I didn’t take him to go and collect money. I took him to go and get prayer because he was sick”.

“But when he started narrating his sickness, what I heard Mama Esther Ajayi say was: Give me your account number. And before we got up N10 million naira entered that account. That is the kind of person she is. She is Yoruba. And the man is an Igbo man living inside Ikoyi. She is a Giver. I wish all Nigerian Pastors can emulate her and do what she is doing. She likes helping a lot of people and not only sick people”.

“She helps. She helps people with financial problems and she gives them good money. She does not give peanuts”.

“But me I am not as rich as she is ooo. I am not at all. I think giving is part of her calling”.

Another thing I like about her is that she is always in her White Garment. When you meet her, you, will be expecting her to give you Candle or Oil. She doesn’t. I have even requested for it from her before. I asked: Mama, ko si candle ni? And she told me, No, ko si candle ooo. She says, she doesn’t believe in that. She only believes in Prayers & Fasting. But she can use Fasting to kill someone”.

“I am still praying to God to give me money, so, I can be giving out, the way Mama Esther Ajayi gives out”.

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