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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.



Many people see her at events and parties from time to time and hastily assume that Lagos society woman, Princess Folashade Odumosu is all about fashion & style alone. They also assume that she is all about looking good. But we can tell you that this is not true. We can authoritatively tell you that this beautiful woman is a tough woman who is quite brilliant & creative. This beautiful woman recently told City People what many don’t know about her life.

“Yes, I am a fashionable person,” she explained. “I like to look good. But I love to work hard. I am a very hardworking woman. And I like playing with money. I enjoy working for myself. I don’t like people giving me. I like Giving. I like touching people’s lives. To the glory of God, I think I have done more than enough within my own power.”

“Like in 2019, despite the fact that the rate of dollar was so high, I still sent 3 people to Saudi Arabia. And I am a Christian, I am not a Muslim. My both parents went to Baptist Church. I send people to Mecca. I used to send people to Saudi Arabia. Those I sent to Mecca last year are not my family members.”

“That is my nature. I do my work. I do my business. I am a quiet person, not lousy. But when I go somewhere you must notice me. The reason is simple. I wear strictly designers, from head to toe. There is no way you won’t notice my bag, designer shoes, Jewelry, Wristwatch and my outfit. I love wearing Ankara. a lot”.

“But even that my Ankara must stand out distinctly. And if I want to go for Lace, that my Lace must be top of the range, like HOH. When you see me in lace you will have to take a 2nd look at it because I am into fabrics. It is what I grew up with. It is what I met my mother doing. I remember well in 1976 when General Murtala Mohammed died, my mother was the 1st person that produced a popular fabric called Aso-Oju Dimka. I have like 8 colours.”

“That was in Ibadan then. This Lebanese people were very much around in Ibadan in those days. Those are the people my mother used to do business with, in those days. When I don’t go to work, I love reading. I stay in my house to read. I also love cooking. My husband can testify to that. I am a good cook. When I enter the kitchen, I can make 6 different types of soups all at once.”

“One thing many people don’t know about me is that I am a very shy person. I don’t like to be lousy. I only love to dress well. Apart from that, I enjoy making contacts, doing business. Since Abacha’s time I have been in the corridors of power, up till today. I don’t do state contracts. I always play at the federal level.”

“I am a bit shy. But people don’t know this, when they see me at parties, I am a shy person. That is why it has taken you a long time to interview me, despite that I know that you are my brother. I am that kind of person. I love to eat good food. I love to live in a good environment. And I love to dress well. It is as simple as that”.

How did she take the big news that broke out when she moved into her new house in Banana Island many years ago? “Yes, it came out as Big News then. I was living in Omole Estate around Ikeja, which is my personal house, after the death of my former husband.”

“I moved from Omole to Banana Island.”

“I have been here in Banana for 7 years. I think I held a party here. It was my 55th birthday. We made it loud and some people came around. That was when people got to know that I live at Banana Island. But what is the difference?”

“We give God the glory. Whatever you become in life, or where you find yourself its not by your power, neither is it by your smartness. Its by the will of God. So, I will always thank God for my life.”


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