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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

How Winchester Homes Plays BIG ln Real Estate ln Oyo State

Have you heard about Winchester Homes before? Let's quickly tell you about this great real estate company doing great things in Oyo State. Right now, it is the real estate company to beat in Oyo State. This is because Winchester Homes is helping those in Oyo State to reduce their housing problems.

Winchester Homes is owned by Ayo Karim a brilliant and focused brilliant businessman who is from the state. He is an accomplished man of Style who brims with ideas all the time. If you sit with this ruggedly handsome entrepreneur who keeps creating jobs for many, you can't but get inspired. He is a man blessed with great ideas.

He is not only into Real estate. He is also into Agriculture. He owns Winchester Farms Limited. And that aspect of his business is also doing well. He supplies Beef & Chicken products across South West.

But let's tell you more about Winchester Homes.

Winchester homes is 8 years old, explains Ayodeji Karim, the MD/CEO. "We are currently focusing on the Low to Medium (Affordable Homes) market... We have 3 estates in Oyo state (1) Osifila Town Winchester Homes of 300 units of tastefully finished mixed development (2 & 3 bed's units only)... (2) Winchester Homes Settlement in Iseyin (1500 acres) of farm settlement for small to medium scale farmers (3) Winchester Farms/Home settlement in Iddo local government (a small farming community to live and work) all in Oyo state. Ayodeji Karim the MD/CEO of the company ls passionate about helping the people of Oyo State get a better life. And he has been doing this for years. We commend his efforts.


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