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Doyinsweets Fabrics CEO Talks About Her Success Story

Everyone calls her   Doyinsweets.That is the name of her business. That is also her nickname. She is Beautiful. She is Fashionable. She is Stylish.

As you read this, Mrs Adedoyin Akinrinola is in a happy mood. It is her birthday and every one is celebrating her. She is a top fabric merchant in Lagos. She runs a thriving online fabric store that caters to the fabric needs of many celebrity women  and men. 

All her friends and clients call her Doyinsweets because of her sweet looks. She is a good advertisement for what she does for a living.


Anytime you see her at parties she always looks GlamorousStunning Gorgeous in her outfits. From head to toe she usually looks Glam. Many potential  customers who love her fabrics talk to her and she caters to their fabric needs.


Through that way and through referrals Doyinsweets

has become the most sought after fabric merchant in Lagos amongst the new generation young ladies who sell fabrics.


Recently, City People Online Fashion and Beauty Magazine asked her to reveal her success secrets. And she revealed a lot.


"My name is Mrs Adedoyin Nneka Akinrinola, the CEO of  Doyinsweets Fabrics.  I am a fabric merchant based in Lagos, Nigeria. I ventured into the fabric business in December 2016. It's an online store . I have always had love for fashion. Those days, when i attend parties, some people that like what I wore, will approach me and ask me where I got my lace from. Some will ask for the fabric merchants details while some will even trust me, ask me to get it for them and deliver. After doing this for a while, I just decided to start my own fabric business, and that was it."


"I decided to post pictures on my Instagram page, and  that was how people got to know me. I never liked to buy Aso Ebi. My reason was because if i wear the same outfit like everybody,  how will u notice my own fabric."


"I sell for both men and women. I sell Atiku, wool and polished laces for men, and for the women I sell French laces, cord laces, Chantilly laces, tassel laces, fringe laces, brocade fabrics, sequins fabrics and velvets. I have all ranges of fabrics. Prices also differ. I sell to all calibre of people depending on what they can afford."


"I advice my customers on the colour of fabric they should wear because of their skin colour, the type of event and the theme of their event. I also give advice on the age of the person that will wear the fabric. Although some people don't mind .Like my mum at  over 72, she doesn't believe  there's any fabric for any age. She'll tell me, I 'll buy whatever i feel comfortable in. Nowadays, a lot of women don't like heavy fabrics. Reasons are because it sometimes makes them uncomfortable due to heat, and heaviness. I always source for fabrics that are unique , and not common. I also ensure I get fabrics that soothes all skin types and colour. My fabrics are very affordable. God's Grace has brought me this far."

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