Thursday, 5 November 2020



SEX in an action word, it is not the main survival point in a Relationship but INTIMACY is Key to a lasting relationship

You can have sex with anyone but can you connect with their soul?

 Ask yourself

Can you both lay there in your naked truth without judgement?

Can you let the tears flow from joy because it's the first time someone has seen and accepted you for who you are?

One of the biggest understandings that came with my growth and maturity is the importance of intimacy. Now don’t get me wrong, sex is GREAT, however sex wasn’t what I craved when I was single and searching, it was intimacy



When you can lay in someone’s arms when life is dragging you, but their mere presence lets you know everything is already ok... you can forget about life issues, that’s intimacy


When you can have deep conversation, and open up like you never have before...that’s intimacy.


When you can sit in a room in silence, but feel very much connected... that’s intimacy.


When you can be vulnerable with someone, and talk about what’s going on with you and not worrying about being judge or be judged...that’s intimacy.


When someone still likes, loves and wants to be with you after everything you’ve shared, that’s not only intimacy but a soul connection as well.



Connections like these are scary, and usually come into your life at a time in your life that you deem is the wrong time. Don’t let this cause you to sabotage what your soul craves.


We keep trying to replace INTIMACY with SEX and that’s not the healer. As a woman, you tend to feel worse after the act of SEX because you only got to release what was between your legs, and not what was in your heart.



SEX does not Equal INTIMACY






You will attract the Relationship Your Heart Desire

Because You’re Worth It





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