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Lagos Clothier, Mowa Adeniyi Talks About Her Love For Dressing People Up


Mowa Adeniyi is a beautiful lady who is doing beautiful things in the Fashion industry. She is not a Fashion Designer. She is not a tailor. But she has great talents in putting clothes together. Call her a Clothier and you won't exactly be wrong. She loves to play with Fabrics. She is very creative. She is very talented. She simply looks at her clients and recommends what will sit well on them.

At the recent 2020 Citypeople Fashion and Beauty Awards in Lagos one of her clients turned heads at the event. When top Event Specialist Funmibi Oduwole sashayed into the hall in her Victorian style dress all heads turned in her direction on account of the beautiful dress she wore,put together by Mowa Adeniyi.

Mrs Funmibi Oduwole was styled by the one and only @montelsbespoketailoring. The HOH Lace and Sacco Shoes and Bags are from Softwears owned by Mowa Adeniyi.

That many celebrities rush to Mowa is not surprising. She is good at what she does. And a few days ago she told Citypeople her success story and what stands her out from others.

We asked her to tell us about her brand, Softwears and she revealed a lot about it.”It is a brand that deals in exclusive, classy, elegant, fashionable yet affordable clothing to women of different taste and style," she explained.

How did she start the brand?" The passion has always been there since my university days, she explains, "because I love dressing people up and there is this joy in me when I do that. I get fabrics and give it to designers to make for beauty pageants then. Then after my graduation from the university, I worked in the banking sector for a while but it was as if I was living another man's dream; so I decided to go into my passion of clothing full time."


"The Softwears brand has been around for 18years."

What is her area of specialty? "Amongst our range of products are corporate wears for women, such as; suit, dresses, skirts, tops, bags, shoes e.t.c, fabrics for both men and women of exquisite taste,  and shoes and bags for all kinds of ceremonies".

What makes her brand stand out from the other designers?"Designing is not my major area, I supply the fabrics, accessories and connect people with designers."


"While supplying the fabrics, I advise people to go for what will fit them base on the color of their skin and body shape, rather than just giving them what they want that won't fit them."

She attended the Federal University of Technology, Akure where she studied Computer Science.

She told Citypeople that she is ready to help anybody who needs her services. "I can be reached on 08022218464.


Instagram: Softwears_exclusive

Facebook: Softwears Exclusive

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