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I Have Always Been A Church Girl From Childhood - Gospel Music Star, Evangelist Adeyinka Alaseyori Reveals


Evangelist Adeyinka Alaseyori is one of the wave-making Gospel singers in the country today. Her music is everywhere. She sings well. She is very talented.

A few days back she spoke to Citypeople Publisher Seye Kehinde about her success story. Below are excerpts.


Tell us about your musical career. How did it start?


Good morning, afternoon, or evening from any part of the world you are reading from. To the question, Music started for me as a child, but there was no prospect to take it further as all I wanted to be was an accountant. But words of prophecy have gone ahead of me. Up until I kicked off as a professional gospel music minister, I have been ministering in my local church and churches around my area, leading my local church choir to music concerts and gospel music fest 

In 2011 I launched out through the help of God and my manager then but my husband now



 For how long have you been singing?


I started singing since I was 4-5 years old but professionally it’s been 10 years


What informs your kind of songs? How do you get inspiration?


My reverence for God informs my kind of music. I just want to worship God in my own words and express how deep I understand the love of God for mankind


Tell us about your growing up years. Where were you born?


I was born at Ebute metta into the family of Mr. A Adesioye and Mrs. F Adesioye. I am the first child of my parent’s four children. As at the time of my birth, my parents didn’t agree on so many things so they separated but never remarried. I grew up with my grandma until many years later when they reconnected as the will of God for them and I can tell you that, their reconnection is the bedrock of all that I am with the help of God above their effort

I have always been a church girl from childhood. Church and school was all I had growing up, so both institutes formed most parts of my life



Tell us about schooling, which schools did you attend and what courses?


I had my primary education at Holy Trinity Nursery and primary school Ebute Metta and my secondary education at Methodist Girls High School Sabo. I studied accountancy at Lagos State Polytechnic and National Open University respectively



How did you discover your musical talent?


Though I grew to love music as my mother always made provision for every new gospel music record in the house but I think music for me is inbuilt and divine that didn’t require extra work to discover it. It has always been there and I expressed it daily growing up. I can practically say I am the last person to know I was going to become a music minister.  With the feedbacks I get now from people that knew me growing up; almost everyone else knew what I had in me and where I was headed. No one seems surprised that I am trailing this path of life



 So what are your plans for 2021?


I am the girl without plans but God has greatly helped. Music is everything for me and if God approves, I intend to put out a new body of works this year (Most Especially Aye Ope Yo complete Album) and release videos of my last Album (Arojinle). With the help of God, i will be working on some new collaborations as well


Final Note


Thanks to all the Adeyinka Alaseyori extended family for their kindness, support, and unwavering love. I can feel it and I pray God rewards you all

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  1. Whatever a man will be ,it will surely be,learnt many lessons here,God bless you ma,greater height always

  2. Hmm....God bless you always...keep soaring higher in Jesus Christ name.

  3. More annointing momma more grace u will Excel and succeed in all u do the plan of the enemy will not come to pass over your life

  4. More anointing MA...You
    're loved ma

  5. I love you Ma.Adeyinka Alaseyori
    I pray that the Lord who has brought you this far will take you farther.
    The Lord give you powerful utterance,deep sounds that will draw men into the kingdom.
    May you go places proclaiming the name of the Lord in songs.
    The love I have for you ma can't be expressed by words.
    God bless you ma

  6. May God increase you de more Adeyinka. You are just started. As your music become blessings to the world so shall the good God bless all your endeavors. Amen

    Ba Ire as you do call me