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Identify your acne - By Skincare Specialist, Adetutu Ashiru


Is it steroidal?? (Continuous usage of steroids leads to this type of acne, when this occurs..... Discontinue the product.


Is it hormonal? (This may occur due to puberty menstruation, etc)

Hope you know refined grains and sugar triggers it?

Dairy products do too

Lack of hydration makes it worse (Drinking enough water balances the oil and water content on the skin of your face; it helps to prevent excess oil and sebum production.


To minimize this,

Consume an adequate amount of protein at every meal

Engage in regular exercise

Avoid sugar and refined carbs

Learn to manage stress (I break out most times when I undergo too much stress).

Drink green tea (it's a great antioxidant, I take this every morning, and you can add lemon for a better taste.)

I don't joke with vitamin E as well as its part of my daily routine.


I trust this set enough to take care of your acne,

The soap is mild; it doesn't dry out your face

They are non comodegenic, they don't clog pores .Above all, help us to help you, follow this guideline to minimize the recurrence.

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