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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Pay Attention To Your Body, Pay Attention To Your Skin-By Skincare Therapist, Adetutu Ashiru

Know what it wants and serve it so you won’t break down unexpectedly.


when your acne refuses to clear after using all acne products that you sure know works for you, stop changing from one product to another,  you need to detoxify to cleanse your system.


Unexplained headache that kept recurring even after taking medication for it, stop swallowing those medications (stop the usage of different analgesic without doctor's prescription)Simply detoxify......It could be all you need .


When you notice you are always tired even without doing anything .. .I have seen people that complains about being tired even when sitted at a spot doing nothing...This shows there are too much toxins in your system that you need to get rid of ....   It’s time for body cleansing, Detoxify


When you discover an unusual low libido unexpectedly, (You use to be very active but your libido suddenly dropped)...Detoxify


*If you are the type that always falls sick, treating malaria today, typhoid tomorrow, bacterial infection the next day. Simply Detoxify, it implies your immune system is weakened already, Get rid of the toxins in your system


Funny but true,  If you are the type that suffers from mood swings, Nobody wants to associate with you, This minute you are happy ,the next minute you are angry, next minute you are stressed ..

When we get overworked, do you know our body and mind feels the stress first? The toxins in your body blocks dopamine (which is the happy hormone from being secreted).


If not controlled/repaired, it can lead to depression.


Please be sensitive enough to know what your body wants.


There are several detox drinks you can make yourself. The one I posted is not exceptional and works so well ....Try it and your body will thank you for it.


 Happy mind works for a glowing skin as well.



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