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How London Actress,Tolulope Yesufu Hit It BIG

How London Actress, Tolulope Yesufu Hit It BIG

She is one of the few Nigerians making waves in London. She is surely making us proud with her accomplishments in the movie industry. She is a damn good actress who has been into acting for about 12 years.

Citypeople has followed her career growth for quite a while and we found her to be a talented actress.

No wonder her services are in high demand. She is forever busy on set, moving from one location to another.

"I've actually just finished on 2 different sets one English and One Yoruba movie, "she told Citypeople a few days ago."I have to be on another set this weekend and the next, but these aren't my productions though."


"For my productions, plans are underway for us to return to set of my drama series in August after the lockdown since last year. I was also planning a reality series December 2019 before the lockdown so that's also in the pipeline."

What has kept her going all these years, we asked her?

"For me, filmmaking isn't just a hobby, it's a calling. Movies touch our hearts, awaken our vision, and change the way we see things. They take us to other places, open doors and minds and are the memories of our lifetime and we need to keep them alive."


"I want to tell stories in a way whereby we speak through movies for those who can't get their voices heard."


"So despite the challenges from pre- production to production, to post and dealing with all the headache that comes with it, when we're finished and we have the finished work, even if not perfect, brings a smile to my face that we've put together something that would pass a message out to our viewers. "

"I think one of the things that have kept me going and reasons I keep making films is because I want to experience that part again and again whilst been able to put movies out that means something to the viewers and the deep passion I have for the art."


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