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Teenu_Impactress: The Visionary Woman

A visionary woman has a compelling vision for their life, they can see beyond the ambiguity and challenges of today to an empowering picture of tomorrow.


Councillor Lady Afolasade Bright. 

Please introduce yourself, your name, your current job title,  your qualification, and where you are from?


I am Councillor Lady Afolasade Bright.

I am also a Pastor with The Redeemed Christian Church of God - The Master’s Sanctuary with my husband - Pastor Gbolahan Bright MBE. I have an LLB ( Hons) and a Master’s degree in Human Resources Management 



What are your accomplishments in your careers over the years?


 I have been blessed to be a Councillor in two separate boroughs - giving me a very wide experience and knowledge of politics and democracy in two UK political settings. I work for 8 years as a Councillor in Hackney representing Hagerstown Ward. I was also Civic Deputy Mayor & Mayor from 2005-2007. The first citizen of the borough. I moved to Barking and Dagenham borough and, on my  8th,-year journey as a Councillor and Cabinet Member representing Chadwell Heath Ward alongside two other colleagues. I have served in public office for the last 23 years. My career was built in Human Resources and I was HR Consultant before I took on the full-time post as Cabinet Member for Employment, Skills & Aspirations in the Borough of Barking and Dagenham - a leadership position making important decisions for the borough.



 I am a peopled person and have worked in the community all my adult life - alongside my husband who was recognised in 2015 New Year’s Honours List by Her Majesty the Queen for “Services to Education in East London”. We are both positively impacting the lives of everyone- young and old. I have been in public service as I said earlier for over 23 years. I have also founded a Charity called The Pennu Charity for the Elderly. We look after the elderly making sure they do not suffer from isolation and neglect - giving them the dignity of life. I am honoured to say that Lady Teenu_ Impactress is one of our proudly Pennu Patrons.


My accomplishments by the grace of God speak for themselves. However, I would like to add that I am a pacesetter, a trailblazer, an influencer and a Mentor to so many people who look up to me for guidance, coaching and training in their political and or professional life. I mentor women in leadership and entrepreneurs. I went back to University to get a qualification in teaching. So, I added PGCE qualifications addition to my educational pedigree.


What are your challenges over the years especially as a female leader?


The challenges that I face as a woman, BAME, are numerous but I have used every challenge as a stepping stone to the heights that I have achieved. 

Continue to support my residents, continue to be a good Councillor, advocating on behalf of my constituents in the Ward and in Town Hall - looking after their interests in line with the council’s corporate Vision.



In Conclusion, what is your vision for the future and your advice to other women especially the upcoming younger women?


 To expand Pennu Charity and make it a household name. To have a Day Care Centre for older people where they can be served a free hot meal and socialise. Also promoting inter-generational friendship which is mutually beneficial to both the young person and the older one. 


As a Pastor, God will help me to have seasoned words for my congregation and for the Flourishing Women group that I preside over in the church. My vision is to see us grow in the things of God - growing and impacting our community positively as women of RCCG The Master’s Sanctuary. As you are aware, I am also an Author with three best sellers - Dream Big: Stretch Your Boundaries, The Beauty of Marriage and The Power of Unceasing Prayers - all books are available on Amazon and other popular outlets and in Nigeria. 

My message for other women and upcoming young women is to be Focused. You know what you want and you go for it. Don’t allow dissenting voices to pull you back and don’t allow procrastination to derail you. You are worth more than you think you are through Christ that made you. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. Do not settle for less and Be. The Best in anything you find your hand to do. 

Don’t let a lack of the “right” credentials hold you back. Don’t be intimidated because you don’t have the right credentials, you don’t come from a certain background, didn’t go to the right school and you weren’t introduced. 

Don’t be afraid to dream big. Set your goals from day one super high - write them down. 

3. Find partners to go farther together if you are in business. You cannot do it alone. It is impossible in this world to come up to speed with the amount of knowledge you need, and expertise and collaboration. 

 Stay focused on the end goal. Stay steady and focused on what you want to do long -term with your career. 

Be brave - there are amazing opportunities for women today, and it’s for us to take them. Opportunities in politics, business etc

Define success your way - the best advice I would give myself is to not take myself so seriously and to not try to be a perfectionist. All that matters is pleasing yourself and your family if you have one. 

Be a game-changer, a pacesetter and a trailblazer. Be an influencer - use your skills and talents to the glory of God. 

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